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Valentines Day is coming up soon and it tends to be a partially controversial holiday.  It’s not as big as christmas, or humble as thanksgiving, but it is wrought with tons of emotion.  Celebrating love, especially romantic love can be awesome.  This holiday can be a beautiful reminder to every person with a significant other that they should appreciate him/her and to keep the chemistry alive in the relationship.  However, this very significant day has also managed to earn itself a new name: “Singles Awareness Day.” Because it serves as a very different, slightly more unpleasant reminder for the singles of America.  People have also had issues with the holiday because of how commercialized it is (however, I have a theory that the haters who aren’t single are just to lazy to celebrate the holiday, so they’d rather argue about it). 

The important thing to remember about Valentines day is that love is for everyone.  It’s awesome to get romantic sometimes, but don’t forget to tell your best friends, and your family that you love them to.  It’s easy to get caught up in the happy whimsical romance of it and forget about those people in your life who get to watch the holiday pass by without anyone to look them in the eye and tell them that they are cared about.  And, for the single people, dont mope around! Love yourself!!! Life’s to short to spend time thinking about the guy you wish you could have, or the one who got away, or the one that was never there to begin with.  Know that you are awesome, and you can stand on your own two feet without having someone else to prop you up.  Even when you’re in a relationship its important to know that you are capable of being happy and feeling good about yourself on your own.  But, of course a little love never hurt, so go for it! Spread the love this Valentines day (to everyone)!



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