Modestly Sexy

It’s a classic bitter-sweet scenario when the nice boys who would be wonderful and caring boyfriends get left behind by the guys who are total jerks. Well, likewise guys tend to be attracted to the girls who flaunt their bodies and have the best moves instead of the ones who are smart, nice, a respectable. However, most girls are unaware of how different guys are in the way they think about scandalous clothing. It’s hard to imagine a mindset where physical intimacy is purely physical and doesn’t affect someone’s feelings for the other person. That’s why a lot of girls like the attention of wearing scandalous clothes, but in the long run they don’t like the result. Because while guys are distracted by their revealing clothes and the body underneath, they aren’t thinking at all about getting to know the girl or caring about her like she hopes he will. Girls ultimately just want to be loved, and when being immodest ruins the chances of that they end up just feeling used.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being sexy and feeling attractive. But you should ask yourself what your intentions really are with the clothes you pick out every morning. If what you really want is to get the guys at school thinking about how creat you look all day, chances are they’re not going to respect you very much. Guys need to respect girls in order to love them. So if you’re dressing to look nice, but with the awareness that there is a lot more to you that can attract a guy than your body and how well they can see it, then that’s the look for you. The girls that guys want a real relationship with and imagine a future with are the ones who expect them to listen to what they have to say and look at their faces, not their bodies.

Don’t get caught being hurt because you tried to snag a guy with the wrong hook. Wearing scandalous clothes only seems to get girls positive results, when in the end they are the girls hurting because guys don’t take them seriously. But if you respect yourself, know that you are beautiful without having to show off, and that any guy would be lucky to have you, then you will be the person the guys dream of being in a real relationship with.



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