Pin Your Interests!

I am sure some of you have already heard, or already are using, the website that allows you to pin-up all the things that interest you from DIY crafts to delicious recipes to fine art to spunky outfits! If you have never heard about this, go check out and find out what is so cool about it.

I am not into all the games that everyone else is involved in (farmville, mafia wars, storage wars, etc.) so I was pretty skeptical when I first heard my best friend raving about Pinterest. She showed me a couple of pages of cute things on there and I was hooked! Although you have to get an invite (which you can request and only takes a couple of days to be allowed to join) once you are in, there is no turning back because it is that wonderful!

It is simple to use and you get to put all the things you love or find funny or intrigue you on different “boards.” These “boards” can have any category that you chose and you can “pin” or place anything you find fitting on there. It is awesome because you are the designer, the storyteller, the boss of your own boards and you won’t be alone! You stay connected with friends who use Pinterest, too and you can follow anyone or specific boards to find great ideas to add to your own.

Another cool thing is that if you are a planner like me and love to think about your future home or wedding, you can do all that on one board. For instance, I would love to have a house to call my own some day and I find cute ideas on Pinterest all the time that allows me to mix and match the things that I and only I can say will be there. Although some things may not go together, I still feel like I am in control of my dream home that someday I will have.

So, the next time you get bored, check out Pinterest and see what awesome ideas you can come up with! Also, once you and your friends start using this, plan a party with your girl friends! There is no limit to things you can do together in a group or by yourself.


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