Break Time Chick Flicks

For most of us spring semester in school can seem to drag on for forever.  Do you realize that after christmas break there is only MLK day and Presidents day to give us a break from school.  This means that for 10 long weeks straight we have ongoing classes, and homework and a rigorous schedule in the dreariest and rainiest months of the year… this is no bueno! So, to keep from going crazy with the stress of school and terrible weather of the past ten weeks, its time to sit back and enjoy some quality relaxation.  And what’s better for relaxing then a good chick flick?  So grab the popcorn and pick one of these must see chick flicks that I’ve always loved:


1) Made of Honor-

This is an awesome comedy about a guy who is super non-committal but then realizes that he is in love with his best friend while she is away on vocation.  He plans to tell her about his newly realized feelings for her when she comes home.  But then she shows up engaged! He is shocks but acts nice about it.  SHe makes him her maid of honor (hee hee) and then a whole lot of trouble unfolds as he competes with her dazzling fiance to win her back! I loved this movie.  When I watched it for the first time I almost cried from laughing so hard!!!

2) Bride Wars-

How do these best friends go from



Watch this super fun flick and find out.  These two best friends struggle to both plan their dream weddings at the same time when all drama breaks loose!

3) The Proposal-

Watch this one to see how they two most unlikely people end up having to trick everyone into thinking that they are engaged and accidentally fall in love in the process.  The movie is set in both NYC and Alaska (the two most beautiful locations in the world in my opinion lol) and is deep, romantic, and hilarious!

SO! If you like any of these options you see then take a break and check them out.  It will be the best relaxation time you’ve ever had!


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