Summer Fashion Trends

So if you’re like me, you like to be aware of the fashion trends but pick and choose which ones you deam important and worth investing in.  For example I love the new scarf popularity and I own more than 30 pashmina scarves, however, you will never ever find me in a pair of jeggings.  Not because I don think they’re cool… I just have a certain style and stick with it.  However, it’s always good to be aware of what’s popular.  I looked around this spring to try to pick up on what was going to be cool, though, and didn’t seem to find much.  Unlike the last couple summers when pastel floral, and 80’s floor length dresses made huge comebacks that covered the racks in stores everywhere, the changes in the fashion current are much more subtle this year.  Florals are still a pretty high priority, however, you will see them in vibrant neons, muted pastels, and nuetral colors! The most popular color that you will see is mint green.  Apparently the refreshing spring color has made a huge splash on runways. Also, lace will be huge.  People dont want to be bogged down by heavy fabrics and stiffling material, so lace will be the perfect fabric for the hot summer ahead of us.

Trends can be hard to follow, especially if the changes from year to year are very subtle.  What I like about the summer 2012 fashion is that it has a lot more variety.  There isnt one big thing that everyone must have, but little new variations that can suit anyone without pushing them into a trendy bubble. So I guess for this summer, and every summer, the trendiest thing you can do is pick what you like to wear and know that you look awesome!



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