Summer Lovin’

How many of you have noticed that people always seem to couple off in the spring?  It’s as if everyone is trying to get ready for Grease style summer lovin in some dreamy, perfect beach-themed romance.  I have had at least five of my close friends get into a relationship just since spring break.  Now if you are one of those happily coupled people then congrats! Having fun and being with an awesome guy over the summer is great! However, what if you aren’t one of the girls who will be getting high on the memories of cool breezes and sandy toes with the boy of your dreams for the rest of the cold year?  I know how you feel, I’ve been there! But the tricky thing about love is that you never know when its going to last or not.  It can be so scary learning to trust a guy, and so heartbreaking if it doesn’t work out.  And even though its fun to get the butterflies and to know that you’ll have someone to hang out with all summer when your other friends are with their boyfriends, finding that dreamy awesome love is not always in the cards.  Now I know skeptics say that, that one perfect love doesn’t exist… but im skeptical that the skeptics are just heart-broken whiners.  I say the awesome kind of book and movie worthy love exists, it is just NEVER the same in real life.  Lots of people find happiness in their relationships, but that comes after a lot of heartbreak and loneliness that you never really feel when you read the romance novels.  But no matter if your summer lovin is with the boy of your dreams or your favorite ice cream flavor and the TV while your friends are on dates, no that love is just complicated, and there is hope for everyone!


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