Homecoming Part 1: The Dress and The Date!

Homecoming is this weekend and you may be in a panic for a dress, date, or even before and after the dance plans! Well look no further, here are some suggestions from a girl who has been in your shoes and can help!

So  you are still in need of a dress and don’t want to spend much or any money, well get together with some friends and have a dress exchange! Have each girl gather all their dresses, lay them out, and borrow each others. This is a great way to wear a new dress but not spend ANY money! In addition, have everyone bring jewelry, shoes, handbags and shawls to go with the dress. Mix and match and voila you have a beautiful new dress for the dance without spending anything! If you don’t come out of this with a dress to wear, go to Velour or Goodwill. Sometimes you can find great things if you take time to look!

Now that the dress is covered, you are wondering who you are going with? Do you go with a date or do you go with a group of friends? Going with a date can be fun, especially if you go with a group of other couples. However, if you end up with no date, don’t fret girl, gather a group of lovely ladies and go together. You can make the night fun with or without a date, so choose to make it the best night!

Check back tomorrow for Homecoming Part 2 for ideas and tips for how to make before and after the dance plans cheap and fun!



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