Homecoming Part 2: Before and After Plans!

Yesterday, we covered some essentials for the Homecoming dance on Saturday: the dress and the date(s)! Now lets talk before and after plans! 

Many people go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, but what if you don’t want to wait for an hour to get seated or spend a ton of money? A money saver tip is to make dinner for your group! Plan a dinner at someone’s house in your group and you will save yourself a ton of money! Honestly, who doesn’t love a homemade meal? Take a gander at your cupboards, combine all available ingredients and try your hand at cooking up something delicious! (Note: Spaghetti is always great and easy to make). Your group or date will love that you took time to make something just for them. Make sure parents or family are around, they can help with cooking and make great picture takers to capture all the moments, staged and not!

Now you are off to the dance! Kick your shoes off, dance, sing, and have a blast! Spray enough hairspray that your hair will stay, and let loose! Do the Chicken Dance and sing “Call Me Maybe” at the top of your lungs! You may feel dumb, but hey, I bet you aren’t the only one out there feeling silly!

So the dance is over, now what? You could go home and sleep…OR you could extend the night! Go bowling or play arcade games in your homecoming dance gear at Big Al’s in Beaverton, have a movie night with munchies, or head to Shari’s in Newberg for milkshakes to end the night! Whatever you do, make sure someone knows your plans and that you are sure of your curfew (don’t want you to get in trouble!) and you are safe.

If you go to a party and have too much to drink, don’t drive home. Call a family member or a friend that you trust. Don’t get in a car with someone who has been drinking, no matter how much they seem to be okay to drive. It’s not worth get in a DUI, accident, or worse! The trouble you may be in will be remarkably better than the outcome of drinking and driving!

Remember to have a blast and make some memories! High school is a time to make memories, so make good memories!



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