You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Ladies, let’s face it sometimes we struggle with how we look! So often we feel we are not enough: not pretty enough, not skinny enough, our hair is not the right length, style or texture. When we look in the mirror, we compare ourselves to other women or girls out there who just seem to carry themselves with grace, poise and confidence. We want that. We look for way to have that. So we dress differently. We try makeup or face wash that promises to cover and take away our blemishes! We spend money that doesn’t really make sense to achieve the sense of being enough. We fawn over magazines with pictures of Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence, who exude the beauty and carefree attitudes that we desire. We try to dress like them and act like them. We look up how to achieve flawless beauty in magazines and on Pinterest, in hopes that one of these articles or Do It Yourself activities will fix the flaws we see in ourselves and we will be perfect like Taylor and Jennifer.
Yet it never works, does it? Our flaws are always in our minds when we talk to that cute boy we have a crush on at school, or when we look at pictures of ourselves on Facebook or Instagram.
So often, we are critical of ourselves damaging ways. Because of our fear of not being enough or focusing on our flaws, we miss out on the true beauty that we possess and opening up ourselves to doing new things and to new friendships.
Ask yourself this: When was the last time you did not do something because of how you thought you looked or felt about yourself? For example, have you ever not gone swimming because you felt like you looked fat or ugly in a swimsuit? Do you dread summer coming because you hate the way you look in shorts? Would you ever walk out of your house for school with no makeup on and not worry about what people may think about how you look?
Check out this video:

What if you saw yourself through the eyes of others? What if you were the woman in the video? What would your sketch look like compared to what others see? What would change in your life? Would you be more confident in yourself?
Dare to dream about what that day would be like, when you felt like everything you were was perfect and you felt beautiful in every way!
Love the true beauty within you! Love yourself!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sasha
    Apr 20, 2013 @ 16:09:33

    Thanks for this beautiful inspiring message! I never really can understand why my friends have to wear makeup every day. They look beautiful without it…


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