Spring Time!!


With all the beautiful weather for the past week, it’s hard not to want to go outside and soak up some rays while you can! Sometimes it is hard to think about fun and creative ways to spend your time after school and on the weekends! Lucky for you we have a list of things that will be sure to help you make the most of your time in the sunshine!

Find a park and have a picnic!

Grab your friends, make a sandwich and go to a park! There are so many things to do at a park that can be fun! Spread out a blanket, grab a book and tan a little bit! Or grab a Frisbee and toss it around with a friend!

Plant flowers!

Do you like flowers? Why not plant some flowers in your yard and have something to watch grow throughout the next months! Seeds for flowers are cheap and you should see something starting to spout in just a few days!

Do something kind of your family members or a neighbor!

If the sun is go help your mom or dad out and wash their car for them! Have a friend over and have them help you with it. It’s fun with friends involved and faster too! Ask a neighbor if they need help washing their car or planting in the yard. They will enjoy the help, and who knows you could make a new friend!

Pick fresh berries!

Berries are coming out and there is not much better than having a handful of fresh picked berries on a warm spring day!

Out with the old and in with the new!

Go through your closet and dresser and purge the clothes you never wear. It’s hard, I know, but if you have had that same shirt for 3 years now and still haven’t worn it, you won’t. Let it go and take it to a thrift store. While you are there take a look around and maybe pick up a super cute shirt that you find! Sometimes perusing is good for the soul. So take some time and peruse.

Whatever you do this spring, have fun and find someone to do it with! If you come up with more ideas, comment below! Don’t forget to check out Youth Outreach Pinterest Board for more spring and summer time ideas here: http://pinterest.com/YouthOutreach/


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