Finishing School Strong

Image The end of the school year is approaching yet again and the excitement of summer begins to seep its way into our minds. The sun finally appears in the sky and with it comes many fun things to do! Although the distractions seem limitless, I want to encourage y’all to crack down on this last month of school. There are going to be plenty of sunny days to enjoy when summer break actually begins! For now, it is a great time to focus on keeping up with homework and studying for final tests.  Here are a few tips to limit procrastinating and finish your school year strong!

Get it done. If your teacher assigns homework, try and finish it as soon as you can. When you get home, grab a snack and get started on that assignment! It is helpful to begin an assignment early not only because the information is still fresh in your brain from school, but it also nice to have it out of the way. When you’re done, you can enjoy your day without the nagging from your conscience about the work you haven’t finished yet. If you don’t procrastinate, your homework isn’t as rushed, which means better quality! You have more time to focus on the task at hand rather than just getting it done in a hurry.

Take breaks often. Taking some time to rest your mind and give attention to something else other than homework can actually help you study more efficiently! My rule is for every hour I study, I take a ten to fifteen minute break to help refresh my thoughts. Go talk with a friend or a family member, take a short walk outside, play with a pet, or anything that is relaxing for you.  You will find that it will be much easier to go back to studying after taking that time off. Same goes to if you are stuck on a math problem or just can’t think of how to write that next paragraph. Just take a break and come back to it later!

Group up! Your final test is approaching in your hardest class and you are not sure how to start studying for it. One thing that has helped me through the years is to get a group of classmates together to go over notes and homework. Some people can understand concepts that you don’t comprehend and you remember information that they have forgotten! If everyone contributes to the group, then studying can be much easier and more fun. BUT, keep in mind that it is easy to become distracted while in a group of people. If this happens, just remind your group that you are all there to study and can have fun later!

These are just a few tips to keep focused on school as summer is just around the corner. Good luck on your last month and stay strong!


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