Ask Abbey!

Dear Abbey,

My mom and I used to really get along. In fact, she was one of the only persons that I could talk to about things going on in my life. Ever since I entered high school, things have changed. I have been spending a lot more time with my friends, and she has been busier at work. I feel like we have been getting in a lot more fights lately too. How do I fix my relationship with my mom?   -Sarah


Unfortunately, there is no formula to that will magically mend you and your mom’s friendship. Every person is different and needs certain things in order to feel loved by another. It sounds as if time with you is something that is important to your mom. Since you both have been busier, your relationship has been wounded.  I would advise that you set aside some time in your day just to hang out with just your mom! Take her out for ice cream , go on a walk together, or just do the fun things you used to! This will show your mom that you value your relationship with her. She will see that you want to use your time to be with her, which makes anyone feel special! You can always just remind her that you love her and show her by helping out with things around the house. Also, it is really important to be thankful for what she does for you. Make sure to show her your appreciation. Though your relationship with her will not exactly become perfect overnight, small steps are what it takes to change something! Image

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