Tunes To Suit Your Mood

ImageA part of being human is having plenty of different emotions. One day you are as chipper as a bird and the next you be having the worst (or what seems to be) day of your life! It’s a roller coaster life, and luckily there are many songs that can help you through each of these phases. Here are a few ideas of songs and artists that can relate with you and whatever you are feeling!

Winding downIf you are coming home from school after a long day, what is better than turning on some slow jams? Listening to Ben Howard’s acoustic guitar and British accent is one way to relax from a stressful day. His more popular songs include, Old Pine, Keep Your Head Up, Only Love and The Wolves. If you are looking for an artist to soothe your mind, Ben Howard is the guy! If you prefer some more soul, Norah Jones’ album, Come Away With Me, is one that I can really wind down too. Her jazzy style is one that can just sink into your soul. It’s actually pretty amazing!

Random DancingSometimes you get in that mood to drop everything you’re doing and just dance! Pop musicians such as One Direction has that beat that can get you moving! Though One Direction is just another one of those ‘boy bands’, they sure have got some catchy songs such as Kiss You and One Thing. Also, there is a pop fitness station on Pandora that has quite the variety of upbeat songs! If you are not into the mainstream music, check out some songs by Passion Pit if you are looking to get pumped up.  Listening to these artists will get you dancing in no time at all!

Hopeless RomanticThere are plenty of love songs out there. Instead of listening to the sweet and endearing Bruno Mars, why don’t you check out some other songs that aren’t overplayed? A band called The Script, has had some songs play on the radio but many of their songs are still yet to be discovered. Not all of their songs have the happiest endings, but they are very relatable. A more alternative (or hipster) band, City and Colour, has one the greatest love songs called The Girl. Check it out!

Inspirational- Everyone needs some motivation these last few weeks of school. Why don’t you check out some of those oldies songs? I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the song Eye of The Tiger by Survivor, I can’t help but be focused. For best results, listen to it right before a sports game or race. You will be unstoppable! Another oldie inspirational song is Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Not only will you never stop believing, but it will be stuck in your head all day! If you can’t stand the old stuff, there is a new song I have heard playing on the radio that has inspired me quite a bit. Listen to Carry On by Fun if you are looking to become more motivated!


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