Living Simply

flowerOur culture is constantly go, go, go! What is the latest style? What’s the hottest new movie? Who can I be texting? What’s on Facebook? Though a lot of this seems important today, by tomorrow it’s something that we have already forgotten. With all the clutter that is consuming our lives, sometimes it’s easy to look past the things that truly matter. We accumulate more stuff and our minds are constantly being filled with what we see on a screen. These aren’t necessarily bad, but should be done in moderation. How can we give more attention to things and people who are important to us, without being distracted by everyday things? Here are a few ideas to simplify your life!

Get Rid of Things- Do you have stuff (especially clothing) that you haven’t used in years? I know there are some clothes that I have only worn once, but are still in my closet for some reason. Instead of convincing yourself that a moment will come where you will someday wear that freshman homecoming dress again, use your willpower to get rid of it! My rule of thumb is that if I haven’t worn it in a year, get it out. Sometimes it’s easier to go through with a parent or a friend; if they have never seen you wear it, it’s a good sign that you never will. Invite your friends to do the same and then have Closet Swap with your friends! You may even snag a few adorable things from your friends and get rid of yours as well! Then at the end of the swap, bag up all the extra clothes and donate them to a local thrift shop!

Take a Break from Social Media- If you are like me and check Facebook multiple times a day, even though there are never new notifications, it might be a good time to limit yourself. Get a friend to take a social media fast with you. Have them change your password, and maybe start off with just a week. When you get bored, instead of going to the internet for entertainment, try something different that you normally wouldn’t do! Write a poem, take pictures, spend time with sibling, learn an instrument, there are plenty of options. Do something that you will remember, because chances are you won’t look back and think of so and so’s status update. If you like the week off, you can try it more often with maybe longer periods of time!

Look to Others- Everything seems more complicated when we are stuck thinking about our problems in life. It is easy to be consumed with what we need and want, yet forget about friends and family who are going through similar things. If you find yourself being anxious and worried about something going on, remind yourself that it really isn’t about you.  Think of ways to direct your mindset from off yourself and onto the needs of someone else.  Call up a friend or family member and ask them how they are doing. Chances are you will feel less stressed when you’re focused more on caring about others!


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