What to Do With a Mason Jar?

A mason jar is something you typically see holding canned fruits of vegetables. Yet, this container has many other practical purposes that it doesn’t get credit for! These jars probably cost less than a dollar at any thrift store and make a great afternoon craft.

Try making it into a vase! Paint a beautiful design or paper mache it. Put some flowers in for the finishing touch.Image

Mason jars also make great candle holders. You can melt wax and pour it in the jar with a wick in the middle or you can just set a candle on the bottom. Either way, it makes for a very hipster atmosphere.

They can also be turned into a mug quite easily! You can cut a hole in the lid to make room for a straw. Make sure to sand down the sides the hole so it isn’t too sharp.


You can save money by turning your jar into a soap dispenser. Cut the hole in the top and insert an old soap pump. You can super glue it in place if it wiggles around.

Try a cake in a jar! Just get a cake mix and prepare it as the box instructs. Pour it into a mason jar and place it in the oven for about 25 minutes. It will make a great gift!

Those are just a few simple ideas of what to create with a mason jar! They are fun crafts, so go try it out!

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