Tanning? Not So Smart…

tanning039_jpg_775x525_q85Being a girl, I understand the struggle of body image and trying to fit in. Worrying about appearance can be quite the distraction at times. Young girls are willing to give so much in order to fit our society’s standard of beauty. It now seems as if it is starting to go too far! Young women are sacrificing their health and ultimately their lifespans as the desire to be tan is growing. There is nothing wrong with being outdoors and getting some sun, but when I look around I see something quite different. Girls laying out in direct sunlight for hours with tanning oil or Vaseline lathered on their skin like thick icing. Our women are even trying to stay dark year round by paying big bucks at tanning salons. So…pretty much they are paying to get cancer! It seems ridiculous when you think of it that way, yet girls are still risking it to be pretty.

I was reading an article about tanning beds and was shocked to see the damage that is done. Women who tanned frequently when they were younger are finding themselves with a cancer called melanoma even in their twenties! This is one of the most dangerous forms of skin cancer and can leave nasty scars and some have to have reconstruction surgery as a part of their bodies is removed. Not only does tanning lead to cancer, but it also leads to early wrinkles and leathery skin. Being tan now may give you confidence and make you feel beautiful, but as you age, it will be something you regret. Take care of yourself starting today so you can live a healthier life!

Sadly, most sunscreen, which is supposed to protect us against skin cancer, is actually accelerating the rate of cancer. If you not going to give up your time outside, try to find sunscreen without those harmful chemicals. Try and avoid anything that has parabens, chemicals and vitamin A in the ingredients. When you do apply sunscreen, make sure it is a good amount! Also, be sure to wear sunglasses, hats and more clothing to protect your skin from those harmful sun rays! This all goes to say, be safe in the sun! Do not risk your health in order to fit the typical ‘beauty’ stereotype. Be yourself and be content with how you are made!


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