Perfect Pudding Popsicles

ImageThe unusual warm weather lately has caused the desire for popsicles to come alive. Looking on Pinterest, there are limitless recipes for homemade frozen treats. If you are seeking to find the perfect popsicle to share with friends, I do believe that I have found the one for you! Pudding pops are very simple and easy to make. They do not call for a lot of ingredients so you can make them up pretty quick. Go get a package of your favorite pudding mix at your local grocery and just follow the instructions on the box. Most call for about 2 cups of milk per package. Mix it all up with either a whisk of an electric mixer. Once it turns into pudding texture, just scoop small amounts into small Dixie cups. If you want to experiment, you can put two different flavors into one pop! After putting a popsicle stick in the middle, throw those babies in the freezer. And there you’ve got it! Beautiful pudding popsicles. Now go impress your friends with this delicious recipe! 


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