Be You!


I recently discovered this quote by Lady Gaga and found it to be very inspiring. In a world that is constantly trying to change us into something we are not, it is good to be reminded that we have the right to be who we are. There are plenty of pressures from all kinds of people that encourage us to fit into a certain mold. If we choose not to conform, we are typically faced with many obstacles including bullying or discrimination. It’s easy to give up and assume the roles that society expects of us. But why not stay strong? What do you have to lose if you were to just be yourself? Maybe a few shallow friends that didn’t really care about you in the first place. You see, twenty years from now no one is going to remember the clothes you wore or the weird things that you did. You probably won’t remember most of it either. So choose to be who you are today! Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t belong or that you’re not good enough. Don’t ever be ashamed of being you!

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