Be Who You Are!


School is fast approaching and while some may be excited to see friends and start a new year “fresh”, it is often hard to break from what is expected of you. Expectations of what you do, who you hang out with or even what you enjoy doing can make you feel like you are putting a mask on for others to see.

However, when we do this, when we hide behind our masks and who we really are, we deny the world to see what wonderful things we can do.
So many times we get scared to share who we really are because we don’t know how people will respond. Will your friend like you? Will everyone stare when you step out and do something different? Will people make fun of you?You have so much to bring into the world. You have an artistic talent, show it! You like to create something out of an old t-shirt, create it and share it with your friends! You like to write? Write words and stories that bring life to other people! Can you sing? Share that talent with others! Be creative and find your place in this world!

The answer: Maybe.

They may. They may not like you. They may stare. They may think you are weird.

Or they may not.

They may accept who you truly are and secretly wish they would have the courage to do the same in their own lives.

They may ask how they can join you.

Think about it, as you jump past the status quo and do what you are passionate about, you actually give others permission to be who they are and step out of the mold that they have somehow been pushed into during their middle school and high school years. For those who do think you are weird, won’t like you or treat you poorly, maybe they really weren’t you true friends after all. True friends support and encourage you to be who you really are and celebrate the beauty that is created when you step out! Those friends are keepers! Hang on tight to them.

You have so many wonderful things to contribute to the world and we want to see it! So step out, take a risk, and be yourself! The world needs you to be unique and lovely!

Let us know what you have done! How have you step outside of the status quo and shown your true self to others? How did it go? How do you feel now? Your story could inspire someone else, so please share!

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