Great Ideas for going back to school!

20130508_200549 Okay girls it is coming close to time to getting back to school. Here are some great tips to helping you and your friends get ready, save money, feel good about yourselves and spend time with your girls.

Plan a Beauty/Spa night. Ask every girl to come over wearing their pajamas. Ask each girl to bring at least one thing to do manicures, pedicures, facials, hair masks/treatments or whatever makes them feel pampered and pretty. Everyone is different and remember to be age appropriate. Be sure to get permission from the girls’ parents before the event so the beauty queens don’t startle their parents with face masks and nail polish fumes.

Another great idea for keeping you or your parent’s budget down this school year is to do a “Clothing Swap” with your friends. Have your friends clean out their closets and bring items that they don’t want any more or don’t fit in to. This is a great form of recycling and we all know our friends always have cute clothes that we secretly really want. Not only will you all be complimenting each other but you will also be demonstrating that something they have could look just as good on another person. This is also something you will want to consult with a parent about; they may even have some items to donate to the swap.

This time will bring you all closer together and everyone should walk away feeling more confident, beautiful inside and out, accepted and prepared for school, work and social life than they did before coming. Have a great start to your school year. Be safe and always have fun.


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