How to tie a scarf


While scarves are appropriate for every season, I think most girls would agree that they’re the most fun during fall. The weather is getting colder, so that means you can finally break out your big, cozy, warm scarves, or continue wearing the lighter scarves you wear year round. And there are so many different patterns and prints to choose from! You have your patterned scarves, or animal print, or floral… I prefer solid, bright colors that add a pop of color to a neutral fall outfit. But even on those days where all you feeling like throwing on is jeans and a sweatshirt with your hair up in a bun, adding a scarf will instantly make you look and feel more fashionable!

There are a million different ways to tie a scarf, and personally, I think most of them look way too difficult. I usually just tie my scarves the standard “through the loop” way. But I thought this way seemed really easy and straight forward… but it LOOKS like it took a lot of work! Your friends will be impressed by your scarf-tying skills if you show up to school like this!




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