Halloween Par-tay!!

October seems to be slipping right through our fingers, and Halloween is already right around the corner! I, for one, have no idea what I want to do for Halloween besides have a little fun dressing up. Maybe you are in the same boat. We hear everyone else talking about their plans, but what about you? Maybe you don’t have plans or maybe you want to celebrate Halloween, but aren’t really in the mood to go out. Whatever the case may be, why not throw your own party? Yes it does take some time and work, but the process can definitely be super fun! Grab a few of your best buds and create a masterpiece together. Coming up with your own party does not need to be difficult and complicated, and ideas can be easy to find. Here are the essential things you need in order to throw your super, awesome party:

–          Decorations and Invites

–          Food and drinks

–          Games

–          Friends

–          And of course, sugary goodness

We sometimes feel that decorations and invitations need to be fancy and elaborate, even though sometimes the more simple ones are the best. A few examples are down below.

This cute and simple invitation even has its own link for the printouts! All you have to do is hit print!


This is only one example of an invitation and you can even come up with your very own. Decorations can be just as simple as the invitation. Sometimes all you need is some construction paper and you can have super cute decorations that everybody will love! This site has some great, easy ideas:


Have some orange, Halloween-looking bowls around different areas and you solve both decorations and the sugary goodness need of the party.

What about food and drinks? An easy solution to food would be to have everyone pitch in a little for pizza. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious slice of pizza, or two, or more. There is no need to keep count. Finally, we get to the good part, the games! Go ahead and whip out those board games, have a costume contest, bob for apples and for the rest of the night just chat with your friends, laugh together and make memories. Yes it’s true that for parties there is food, drinks, decorations, invitations, games and sugary goodness, but the most important part are those friends you share the moment with. So throw together a party, don’t stress about it and remember to have fun. Happy Halloween!



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