Cheap, DIY Christmas Gifts!

It’s finally December! Thanksgiving has passed and now everywhere we look, we see Christmas decorations up on homes, all over the store, and everywhere we go! We hear the sound of Christmas music in just about every business we enter and every radio station we turn to. Every time we walk outside, the crisp December air turns our noses and cheeks red and nips at our ears. It’s officially CHRISTMAS TIME!

I don’t know about you, but I have already began making my list of people who I need to get presents for and have wondered what on earth I am going to get them all. I also have a confession to make. I really do not have a whole lot of money to spend on presents, but as I brainstormed and searched around, I realized that meaningful presents did not have to be expensive at all.

You’ve most likely heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” This phrase can apply to Christmas presents, the amount of quality time and thought we put into our gifts instead of the the large quantity of money we spend.  So I looked around, and boy, did I find some pretty cute ideas! I want to share them with you.

Something that’s fun and pretty popular right now are chalk boards. This is an easy and fun gift to give to someone. All you need is a picture frame (size of frame is completely up to you). Once you have the picture frame you will need some chalk board paint. Just cover the picture frame with the chalk board paint. Once it has dried you can decorate the boarders with buttons, fabric the you cut into shapes and glue on, etc. The finished product can look something like this:

chalk board

Throw in a box of chalk and your loved one has their very own, decorative chalk board. Along the same lines as this chalk board is a magnet board. This is is just as simple as making the chalk board above. All you need is some fabric, a cookie sheet and magnets. It turns out like this:

magnet sheet

Nothing brightens up the room like some wax luminaries. The instructions for this is as follows:

1. Fill a balloon with tepid water.

2. Melt your wax. Optimum working temperature for this project is 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to maintain this temperature for your wax while working by keeping it on a double boiler.

3. Slowly dip your balloon into the wax  to just below the water level in the balloon. Warning: Do not dip the balloon into the wax past the water level. This could cause the balloon to pop.

4. Hold the balloon in the wax for a few seconds, and then slowly lift it out of the wax. Dip the balloon a few more times, allowing some time between dips to let the wax cool.

5. While it is still quite warm, carefully set the balloon down onto a piece of paper or a cookie sheet, making sure it is level. This will create a flat bottom for the luminary.

6. Dip your balloon a few more times until it is the desired thickness. A good target thickness is 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch.

7. Set the balloon on the paper or cookie sheet again and let it cool.

8. When the wax is completely cooled, hold the balloon over a sink or bucket, facing away from you. Carefully pop the balloon with a skewer or knife and let the water drain out. Throw away the balloon shards.

9. To level the top of the luminary, heat a cookie sheet on the stove and place the luminary top-down onto the hot sheet and carefully melt the edges until it is level.

10. Place a tea light or votive inside the luminary and burn on a candle holder in a dark area.

The end result are these lovely masterpieces:





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