No Makeup: Redefining Beautiful

I have nothing against makeup; I wear makeup most days. Sometimes it’s fun to put on some red lipstick, or some green eye shadow and do some cool, crazy stuff with your eyeliner. It makes you feel beautiful, confident, feminine… and it’s just straight up FUN. But the thing is, you shouldn’t NEED makeup to feel that way.

I used to wear makeup 24/7. I literally wouldn’t leave the house without putting on mascara, even if I just had to run to the store for a few minutes. Even on days when I just stayed home all day, I had to put makeup on just to feel good about myself. I NEVER would’ve gone to school without makeup, no way. I was way too self conscious to do that.

Recently, I’ve realized that that’s not good. It’s not good to be totally dependent on makeup to feel beautiful, or even to feel good enough to go outside. That’s just silly. I started trying to go at least one day a week without wearing any makeup at all, whether it was a day I had school, or a lazy day during the weekend. After a while, I started feeling like I never had to wear makeup at school, and that I could go out with friends or even with my boyfriend with no makeup. And I felt great.

You know what else? My skin TOTALLY cleared up once I stopped wearing makeup everyday! Makeup is terrible for your pores and skin in general… sometimes your poor face just needs a break.

But like I said, I still wear makeup most days. I usually wear cover up, a little blush, neutral eye shadow and mascara. A lot of the time I’ll wear eyeliner, too… if I want to get crazy, I’ll put on some bright lipstick. But the difference now is that I KNOW I don’t NEED it. I don’t wear makeup now because I feel like I have to, I really just do it because it’s kinda fun.

A lot of girls and women have a really hard time not wearing makeup in public. They look at the women on TV and in ads who cake on tons of makeup, and feel like they need to look like that all the time to be considered beautiful. Here’s an article about an awesome group of high school girls in Texas who have all started going to school without makeup one day a week:

Trust me girls, you don’t need tons of makeup. You really do look great just the way you are. And honestly, guys don’t even like lots of makeup. I’ll bet almost every guy you ask would say he thinks girls look cuter without makeup. Try to cut back, you’ll feel great!



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  1. vagus40
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 11:22:27

    Nice Information, thanks for sharing. Hope we will read many other good things from you in future also. Regards


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