Is School Stressing You Out?

Senioritis… junioritis… sophomoritis… freshmanitis… you get the picture, right? We hear it all the time, and for some reason this time of year, right when one semester is ending and another is starting and the skies are an endless gray cloud,  is when these motivation depleting “illnesses” seem to spring up everywhere.

Practically every student hits a point in the school year when their levels of motivation come crashing to the floor. I know I sure felt this way many times. In fact, I still do. It’s a totally normal feeling. School is hard. It can be exhausting. When students hit this point, they often lose help and question the importance of school. But here’s the thing-

you don’t need to fall into the trap.

Yes. I said it. You can get out. There is an end to the struggle. Spring break is just around the corner, and summer right after that. All you need to do is stay strong and push through these difficult times. I’m not sure about all of you, but my biggest problems were always with math. Throughout my years in high school, I reached out to my teachers for help. And they gave me some AMAZING resources. They made homework so much easier and less stressful. Here are some of the many websites I found helpful. Also, don’t forget that we have this fantastic thing called the internet at our finger tips that will bring endless resources in less than a second.

InterAct Math – At this website you can search and enter your math textbook, and then it pulls up problems just like those in your book (and probably your homework!!). If you answer one of these wrong, there is a step by step  guide on how to solve it. It’s great, and made homework so much easier. And when test day came, I actually knew what I was doing. I would highly suggest this to anyone!Just a warning: This website can be a lifesaver if your text book is in their system, but if it isn’t, it won’t be as useful. Even if your specific book isn’t in the system, you can find a book from the same course type and then find practice problems based on subject. For example, if you are in algebra, and learning how to solve equations, just click on any algebra book and then follow the link labeled as ‘solving equations.’  (

Wolfram Alpha – This website is pretty great. It’s slogan is “bringing broad, deep, expert level knowledge to everyone.., anytime, anywhere.” And guess what? You are everyone. If you go to their homepage, a search box pops up where you can type any math problem in, and it will help you. They are really good with showing graphs if you can’t remember what one looks like. You can even ask questions about other subject. For example, I just asked what the capital of France was. It brought up the name of the capitol (Paris), a map showing where in France Paris was located, the population of Paris, and even a map of the city itself. Just think of everything you can use this site for! Unfortunately to get the sites full services, you need to create a membership with a fee, but DON’T LET THIS STOP YOU!!! Even the programs basic features are extremely useful! (

Kahn Academy-  This organizations is committed to bringing world-class education to everyone: for free. You can practice math at your own pace, or access their extensive store of information to learn about anything from math and science to finance or history. Missed a day of class? No problem. Find a video covering the same topics on Kahn Academy. Can’t figure out your math homework? Again, no problem. A simple search on Kahn and you will have instant endless practice and explanations. (

I hope these resources will help you get out of the {insert grade level here}-itus slump. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help too. Their job is to help you learn, and if you show that you care about their class, they are more often than not more than willing to help you out.

Good luck, and don’t give up!



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  1. henry
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 18:27:46

    I can understand how everyone says that they really loved talking with others about this subject and are eager to see more from you.


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