Makeup tips!!

Do you ever wonder how people get their make-up to look so good and perfect? Well, I can tell you from experience that it has a lot to do with the shapes and color of your face. Here are some fun makeup tips (and other beauty tips) that I hope are helpful for you!

Here are some different eye shapes and tips on how you should place your eye shadow.

Here are some different face shapes and suggestions of the best way to put on blush for each one.

This shows you how to give your lips some more depth and shadowing. First, cover the middle of your lips in a light color. Then, smudge it to the outer lip on both sides. Last, put clear lip gloss over the color you applied. This works with any color you choose to wear.


Here’s a color panel that shows what shades of shadows, eye liners, blushes, and lip glosses go well together.

These are some easy nail art ideas! Things you will need to create them are: nail polish, a Q-tip, and/or a small paint brush for strips. If you want to add little diamonds and jewels, you can add a little dot of clear nail posh where you want to place it and stick it on top.

For these zebra nails, all you have to do is paint your nails white, wait until it’s dried, and add black strips on the outer part of the nail.

Polka dots are really easy! Paint all of your nails the same color. Wait for them to dry, and add large polka dots spread throughout each nail. After those dried, paint smaller polka dots inside the larger dots.


Have fun!



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