Ooey, Gooey, Sugary Goodness!!

Can you believe it is April already??? It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about about Halloween costumes and Christmas cookies. Now that April is here, its time to blog about another holiday! EASTER!!

I don’t know about you, but for me, Easter is another excuse to eat chocolate. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Christmas calories don’t count?” Well, neither do Easter calories. (That was a joke. They really do count. Be careful.)

Alongside chocolate bunnies, eggs, and jellybeans, one of America’s favorite Easter candies are the beloved Peeps! 


These delicious marshmallow treats have a very interesting story. Peeps are a product of the Just Born candy company, located in Pennsylvania. The company was founded by Sam Born, who, in 1953, acquired a separate candy company. This company, known as the Rodda Candy Company, made their chick shaped marshmallows by hand. Born, however, decided to change this process to mass production, so more could be made in a shorter amount of time. As the years went on, the company expanded from the original yellow chicks. Now, you can find many different shapes in tons of colors like green, purple, and pink!


The company even makes Peeps for other holidays besides Easter!


Have you ever seen a Halloween peep like these?


So what else can you do with these delicious creations? I went to Pinterest to get some ideas, and I found a few good ones I wanted to share with you all!


Peeps Smores! All you need are graham crackers, chocolate, and of course, PEEPS!!

Peeps S'Mores!  {oh my!} ~ a fun and tasty twist on your traditional s'mores!  ~ from TheFrugalGirls.com #peeps #smores

Bird Nests Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Jessica Boivin of Nekoosa, Wisconsin  #peeps

How cute is this? Bird Nests!

What you need:   2 packages (20-24 oz.) white chocolate chips, 1 package pretzel sticks, PEEPS (approx. 25), and 1 package of easter chocolates such as m&m’s

What to do: In a microwave safe bowl, melt white chocolate chips, stirring until smooth. Keep about a half cup aside for decorating at the end. Add the pretzel sticks to the white chocolate deliciousness. Scoop a small amount of the pretzels onto wax paper or foil and shape into a nest. (It helps to use two forks for this step.) Dip the bottom of a peep into the reserved chocolate and stick it in the nest. Attach the candies to the nests using the left over melted chocolate. Resist the urge to eat them immediately, and let them sit until they chocolate hardens.


you can use PEEPS to decorate cupcakes or cookies!!

Peeps cupcakes




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