Searching for beauty? Searching in the wrong places? Just go WANDER!

Being new to write to this blog, I skimmed through a vast amount of the previous things that have been talked about or shared here. It didn’t take long for me to realize what I wanted to contribute first…
A common theme that I have recognized in this blog has been the idea of beauty and what it should mean to us. Beauty that is real, though, rather than a false expectation or image of something that doesn’t exist. In Alyssa’s February 20th entry titled “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”, she stressed true INNER beauty. Beauty that goes far deeper than what kind of clothes you wear, what the shape of your body is, or what color eyes you have. It’s about seeing something honest, something true, something real in a world that has become more and more artificial or engineered.

Well, beauty can be seen in many places. One place I’ve learned to find it is in NATURE. So, I give you this: A rather famous quote that may look short, but can take you the distance…


Playing video games, browsing your social media, watching great movie hits: These are all things that I do as well. I would be a complete hypocrite if I said to quit doing all those things. But there is only so much of technology you can take before getting caught up and stuck in the false beauties the world offers. It is EASY to look at magazines and wish that was you when you see pictures like that every single day on Instagram. And it’s EASY to feel your body isn’t shaped right when you see women portrayed like mighty goddesses in games or on the internet or in television shows. But when you find time to just wander… To “lose yourself” in a green world of nature that only has and only knows TRUE beauty… Then that’s when you begin to see with a new pair of eyes. That’s when you see what real beauty is.

Here are some pictures I took just last weekend at a place that is 13 minutes away from where I live. A place with infinite trails that allows you to just wander…



Now here’s the real test: I challenge you. Yup, I said I challenge you. You don’t have to go climb a mountain (unless that’s your kind of thing), but just get outside. WANDER. Even if you’re in a place where there aren’t many trees, go take a walk. Or sit on a bench and watch the clouds. Or find a good place to watch the sunset… Or even the sunrise! (You gotta get up early for that one, which is REAL hard for me, so kudos to you if you can) But just go outside. Find what is bare but authentic, what is simple yet real… Find something that is beautiful.



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