Cute, Easy Summer Crafts!!

So I have been getting this real urge to get a bit crafty… However, let me begin with this little disclaimer: I don’t think I have EVER been considered a crafty person. BUT, I found some super awesome and super easy ways to create something bright, colorful, and beautiful! Again, prior crafty skills and experience NOT NEEDED. Otherwise, I myself would be at a loss. But check some of these out! They don’t take much: Just a little paint or so, a couple leaves and pots from the backyard, maybe some empty glass jars, and you are on your way!

This one could be a nice gift! Got any family or friends who love flower pots around the house? So simple, and so cool!


Or how about this one: BEST. CANDLES. EVER. I have got to try this.

All you do is pour paint in jars, and then flip them upside down! My horrible reputation of arts and crafts will surely be wiped away once I do this one! Strangers will never even know I lack those skills…


Finally, THIS masterpiece.

It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and you can make it as unique OR as simple as you want.



These are just some ideas. But these are also just starting places. Whether you are super creative or not, just look at these! It really doesn’t take much. It just takes the WANT.

Go create something that’ s you.






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