Easy Summer Hairstyles!

I wear my hair the exact same way everyday: down and straight. Occasionally  I’ll change it up and put it in a ponytail or messy bun, but for the most part, it’s the same old style every single day. So boring. I always tell myself that I’ll find some new styles to try, maybe a fun bun or a crazy braid… but it just never happens. For one thing, I just don’t have the time. I never had the time when I was in school and had to get ready super early in the morning, and I still don’t have the time before work. Most hairstyles take WAY too long… how do ANY girls have the time for that??? And, on top of that, I don’t have the patience either. Most cool hairdo’s look so hard and way too complicated. So not worth it. And so, I stick to my same, old, boring lack of a hairstyle…

Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing your hair down, but sometimes it IS fun to switch it up, right? I went online and found these hairstyle tutorials. They all actually seem pretty quick, and easy, too! If I can do these, pretty much anybody can. Maybe you can take just a few extra minutes when you’re getting ready and try some of them out….

Easy updo

This is like a neat-looking messy bun. Just use bobby pins to hold the twisties in place!

Fast and cute

This one is WAY easy. And it’s so classy! Finish it with a pretty clip or flower.

59f2c7bf2b320e9a18479de6083dd004.jpg (282×720)

This one looks way cool, but look at how easy it really is!

Messy bun how to

Just put your headband on BEFORE you pull your hair back to give it a more messy look. Some teasing would make it look way cute and add more volume, too!

Flaxen Hair

That bow is freakin’ adorable.

Quick and easy hair style

Super simple. Just tease you hair, pull back small strands, and use either a small rubber band or bobby pins to tie it back.


Viola! Doing your hair doesn’t have to take forever or be difficult. Hopefully these tutorials give you some fun ideas for summer styles!




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