Fun Football Season MAKEUP!!!

Okay girls… it’s football season. I don’t know about you, but I like to dress up on game days, whether I’m going to the game or not. My husband and I are HUGE Duck fans, so I always get decked out in green and yellow… my nails, my makeup, my accessories, everything!!

I found a few examples of nail and makeup ideas you can try for game days. Obviously you can play with it a little bit and do your own thing, but I thought this would give you some inspiration.

And alright… even though I’m not a fan of the Beavers… I know some of you are, so I even included some orange and black….


Gorgeous Orange Makeup Tutorial

This looks pretty easy… a bit of orange with a smoky eye. Just brush some gray around that orange. That looks like a nice liquid liner, but of course you could use any type, as long as it’s black! Some hightlighting in the inner eye brings it all together and adds some sparkle.

Sunny Orange Makeup

This could work too… the yellow adds some contrast, even if it isn’t a Beaver color.

Right up my alley:)

These nails are super cute, and look way easy!! You can use a nail tool or a bobby pin for the dots, and play with the design! Be creative!!

Spiderwebs! Jack-O-Lanterns! 15 Spooky Nail Art Designs

This also looks way easy… again, just use a nail tool or a bobby pin to make the lines.

And now, for the better team…. 🙂


Many artists are using a bold yellow this Spring.  I am not sure that it is the right color for my skin tone.  This may be an option!

Okay. This is a bit crazy. I have been known to do my eyes like this for games. A combo of white, yellow, a couple shades of green, and black liner looks super cool for Duck fans. And, as you can see, adding a tiny bit of gold looks way cool too.

Spring Green by on @deviantART

This is not so intense looking, and a little easier to do. It looks like she used two shades of green, but it would still look great even if you only have one.

Football Toes! Too bad it's so COLD here (WA) during football season :(  LOL

This looks way easy, and you can do it for any team!! Just use a nail tool, bobby pin, or even a tooth pick to make the white lines.

Adventures In Acetone: My Mani For Celiac Awareness!

Super cute, with or without the sparkle!!

Game days are a fun excuse to have fun and dress up (in my opinion). I even made myself a green and yellow tutu for games. But that will be another blog post another time…. 🙂


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