DIY Tutus for Halloween!!

I feel like tutus are super popular right now… people wear them at marathons, sporting events, for costumes, and all kinds of stuff. I mean, why not?? They’re so darn cute!! I have a green and yellow one I wear at Oregon Duck games, and I’m going to wear one for Halloween this year, too (I’m going to be a Zombie Princess!!). Tutus are kinda spendy, though… so I learned how to make my own. It’s SO EASY!

First, check out these adorable tutu costumes… I mean honestly, if you have a tutu and a T-shirt, you could pretty much be anything you want. Look at these photos and be inspired.

Red Minnie Mouse Adult Girls Costume Tutu Ears Tail | eBay

Teen/Adult Ghost Halloween Tutu Costume Set by TutusByCheri, $38.00

A Great and Easy DIY Wonder Woman Costume -- Plus this site has other fun/easy costumes

DIY No-Sew Tutu Tutorial // A great DIY costume idea for The Polar Plunge!!!

Teen Tutu Black Cat costume...could easily make this with a black leotard, tie-knot black tutu skirt.

Teen Tutu Pirate costume #Halloween

Trio costume! Thing 1 and Thing 2 with Cat. Super easy with DIY tutus and shirt

Girl superhero. Diy. Costumes. Girl? How about women?! I so wanna do this! Screw pirates and cats! We should have an avengers theme with Amelia! Lol!

Be despicably you as one of Gru's cute minions! Minion shirts & peruvian hats go great with solid blue & yellow tights, tutus, suspenders & leg warmers!

See? Tutus make anything possible…

I’m not crafty, and I cannot sew. But I can make these tutus. All you need is some stretchy band material, and some tulle. I suggest getting a little extra of the stretchy band for your waist, so you can tie a bow in the back when your done. And when I make my tutus, I get about 8-9 yards of tulle because I like them extra poofy… but you even if you only want a few yards, that will totally work too.

Here’s a quick video that I think does a great job of explaining how the tutu making process works:

Have fun!! 🙂



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