‘Tis the Season to DECORATE!!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! I love the aromas, the joy you see in people, hanging out with your loved ones, and of course decorating!! But, being a typical broke college student, it’s hard to find extra cash to decorate for Christmas. On a positive note, I’ve found that with a little construction paper and some glue, or just things laying around your house, you can make a bunch of awesome decorations that will brighten up your home. You just gotta learn to work with what ya got and be creative!

With some greenery, bows, and construction paper, you can turn your door into a cute, festive snowman! Just cut out some eyes, a nose, a mouth, a couple buttons then tape ’em up! You’ll have your own Frosty the Doorman.


This one is for all of those that don’t have a fireplace! Don’t let the absence of a fireplace stop you from hanging stockings! Make your own. It’s super easy and lots of fun. Put together some old boxes and cover the boxes with paper so it’s easier to paint. Then paint red bricks or wooden boards to make it look real. Then finally, feel free to hang up your stockings and decorate anyway you see fit.


Here’s something for your countertops or maybe even your dresser! Paint a couple cans any festive color. Wait for them to dry and poke holes in the cans to make out a letter. Spell any word you’d like people to see. Then set a tea light candle in it and light it to give off a warm vibe.


Don’t forget to set out cookies and milk for Santa!

Happy Holidays!



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