The 21 Day Challenge To Becoming a Better YOU

It takes 21 days to make something a habit, so for 21 days try these six tips to improve yourself. They will not only make you feel better, but make your days better.

#1- Don’t Complain

Why Complaining Is Holding You Back & How To Stop -> Examine, reflect and be aware. And stay positive.

On average, a person complains at least 30 times a day. How many times do you think you complain on a daily basis? Because I know I complain a lot, whether I am complaining about the rain, how cold it is, how slow people are driving, or even how much homework I have everyday. Complaining is negativity coming out of your mouth. Imagine if instead of saying negative things, you said positive things. Like how much you love the sound of rain, snuggling up in a blanket when its cold, or how relaxing driving slow is. Your attitude and outlook on the day would make a complete 360. So try it! Don’t make any complaints about the events of your day.

#2- Spread Kindness

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Be friendly to everyone around you. Compliment a stranger. You never know how someones day is going. Words of kindness could bless someone. Even a simple smile at someone passing by will not only make them feel warm, but make yourself feel good also! So for the next 10 days, make it a point to be kind to everyone you come in contact with.

#3- Avoid Procrastination

What Will You Do Today That Shapes Your Tomorrow? - Muscle & Fitness Hers

Procrastination is one of the biggest things I personally struggle with. Especially when it comes to homework; I refuse to do it until the night before. Procrastination brings a ton of stress on yourself. Make goals and follow through with them. Create a to-do list, give yourself a time to have things done by, and follow through with it. You will have so much free time to do activities that you actually want to do.

#4- Be Accepting

We are trained in this society to reject anything that we don not understand. Elevate your mind.

Not everyone you come across will have the same morals, standards, beliefs, and style of clothing as you. Everyone is different, therefore you should be accepting of all kinds of people. A girl has one shoes that you don’t like, oh well. Just because it is not your choice doesn’t mean its wrong. So accept all people, all situations, and all outcomes.

#5- Volunteer and Serve Others

Often the best way to see the needs of others is to stop looking at our own. -Kristen Welch

Serving others should be a big priority. It goes along with spreading kindness. When you do good things for others with a genuine servants heart, good things will come unto you. You don’t have to go to a shelter to serve, you can serve in your neighborhood, at your school, or you can even serve your family. For 10 days, find a way to bless others.

#6- Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone

Most the time people stay in their comfort zone because they are scared to try new things. But it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Do small things, like try food you’ve never had before, or do a new hairstyle. Take baby steps. Getting out of your comfort zone will make your life more exciting. You don’t have to live life on the edge, but lets try not to live life in a box.

Good luck! I hope that you not only try these things, but that you are consistent and it works for you. That you will feel more encouraged and more confident than ever. Here’s to a better you!

– Jasmine


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