Colorful Fun in the Sun!

Looking for fun activities to try this summer? Here are some options…and they all involve lots of paint or food coloring!

1. Twister with a Twist!

Play Twister with a messy twist! | 39 Slumber Party Ideas To Help You Throw The Best Sleepover Ever

Use a normal Twister game, but get crazy by adding colored paint to each circle! As long as you use non-toxic paint and wear old clothes, you’ll have tons of fun. Or get all your friends to dress in white and take before and after pictures. See who gets covered with the most color!

2. Play dodge-ball… with color-powder filled nylons!

nylon color powder balls

This is the perfect summer game because A) the “dodge balls” are soft and don’t hurt too much, B) the color powder is cheap, easy to make, and non-toxic, and C) it’s lots of fun to get covered in colorful powder! Here’s how to make the powder (it only takes 2 ingredients!):

First, mix 2 cups of corn starch and 1 cup of water in a large foil pan (you can get sets of these at the dollar store). Feel free to use your hands!

supplies for DIY color powder


Then add 1/2-1 ounce of coloring paste. You can still mix with your hands, but use rubber gloves to avoid stains! Make sure the color is thoroughly mixed in.

cornstarch mixture for DIY color powder

Next, leave the pans in a dry location and let them sit for a few days. Use a fork each day to break up the pieces.

dried color powder

Finally, when the few days are up you should use a food processor to get rid of the final chunks. Then just put the powder in the nylons and you’re ready to play! Wear white and take before and after pictures. Or think of other fun activities to do with this colorful powder!

homemade color powder for color fight

3. Glow in the Dark Chalk!

This stuff looks so cool! It’s also really easy to make, and it shows up in the daylight as well as at night. Here’s how to make this awesome chalk:

Start by combining water and a squirt of glow in the dark or florescent paint in a bowl.

Next, add some Plaster of Paris to each bowl. Plaster of Paris is a formula used for mold-making and sculptures, and it works great for this as well. You can buy a whole pound for just a little over a dollar, so it’s pretty cheap. Add enough Plaster of Paris to make your mixture thick but still wet–just keep adding and testing until you get the desired consistency.

Once your ingredients are mixed, spoon the mixture into an ice cube tray. Spray the tray with cooking spray to prevent sticking.

Let the cubes sit for twelve hours. Then put the tray in the freezer for ten minutes–this will make it easier to pop the chalk cubes out. Now you’re ready to start drawing!

4. Glow in the Dark Bubbles

Make your own glow in the dark bubbles using just TWO ingredients!

If you like the glow in the dark chalk idea, you’ll love these bubbles as well! All you need to do is mix dish soap, water, and a little glow in the dark paint, and then you’re set!

glowing bubbles

You can put a straw in the bubble mixture and blow bubbles in the bowl, or you can use a wand from some store-bought bubbles to blow even cooler bubbles! You can also try blowing the bubbles onto a piece of paper to make some neat artwork.

glow in the dark bubbles

5. Hair Chalk

This provides a cool look that will last for 1-4 washes! It’s pretty simple, too. All you need is any old chalk, some water, a hair tie, and a flat iron.

First, isolate the hair you want colored and tie the rest back. Get your hair wet, and get the chalk wet as well. Then use your fingers to spread the chalk on your strand of hair.

Finally, straighten the piece of hair with a flat iron to get the color to set. And there you go!

6. Rainbow Waffles

Carli would love this. I think I'll make some this summer when she had time to help.

Make your waffle batter like normal–maybe you have a family recipe, or maybe you make waffles from the box. Either way, don’t make any changes until the end. Then, instead of putting the batter straight into the waffle iron, first divide it into bowls and add food coloring to each bowl. Next move the batter to plastic bags, cut holes in the ends of the bags, and squeeze the batter onto the waffle iron. Try all sorts of different fun designs!

7. Paint Filled Eggs on Canvas

Paint filled eggs on canvas

This is a creative way to utilize your egg shells after you’ve eaten eggs. Whenever you use eggs in your cooking, try not to just crack them. Instead use a butter knife to gently crack the tops of the shells, making holes big enough for the inside of the egg to pass through. Then wash the egg shells with warm water and antibacterial soap and put them back in the carton.

Paint filled eggs on Canvas

Next, fill the eggs with paint!

Fill eggs with paint and toss them at canvas!  This project is surprisingly easy to set up and SO FUN!

Then seal the eggs gently with tissue paper and glue. Just use a glue stick to cover one side of the tissue paper pieces and then cover the holes.

Paint filled eggs- toss them at canvas for a super fun art project kids LOVE!

You’re ready to throw your eggs! Throw them at a piece of canvas, a poster, or just a piece of paper. Or try filling the eggs with chalk and throwing them on cement. Just be sure to clean up the shell pieces afterward!

Paint filled eggs on canvas

8. Summery Nail Polish

If you enjoy painting your nails, check out these pictures for inspiration! There are all sorts of colorful, summery designs for you to try.


30 Eye-Catching Summer Nail Art Designs

Summer Sunset

Instagram / thenailtrail

Rainbow Sparkly French Tip

Instagram / selinasnailart

Beach Palm Trees!

Summer Splash

Instagram / thenailpolishchallenge

(Here’s how you do this! )

9. Homemade Scented Sand Paint

How to make textured and scented homemade paint for a multisensory art experience.

If you’re into art, you should try this! Not only does this paint make beautiful pictures, but it makes pictures with texture and good smells! All you need to do is mix a cup of flour with a packet of Kool Aid and then add water. You want the mixture to be pretty thick, so don’t add too much water! Then add some craft sand (you can get this for cheap online or at any craft store) and mix well.

How to make scented sand paint - a multisensory art recipe

You can use this paint directly on paper, or you can try it on foil for a fun twist!

Homemade Sand Paint Recipe - Create textured and scented paint for a multisensory art experience kids will love!  Paint on foil for vibrant print making and added textures.

10. Colored Flowers 

coloring wild carrot 5

Did you know real flowers can change color if they’re given colored water to drink? Try this with daisies, carnations, or wild carrots! Just put some water and a little food coloring in your jars and add the flowers. These will make beautiful decorations for a party, a dinner, or just for your living room!

I hope this post has given you some great, colorful ideas! Enjoy!



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