Fun Fall Hair Styles

With the start of fall, fashion changes along with hair styles and hair colors. This week I bring you some fun and trendy hair styles using braids.

Side dutch braid


Triple braid


Ombre’ Braid and Bun


The top portion of the hair is sectioned off from temple to temple, and then parted in the middle with both sides braided to the middle of the head. Now wrap the two braids around each other loosely to form a messy bun. The blonde ombre color adds depth to the braid and highlights the soft curls on the bottom.

Ponytail braid


Ponytails have always been great for those days when you don’t want to put much effort into your hair. This twist on a ponytail not only makes a boring ponytail look cute, it also shouldn’t take very long to do. You could do the braid the night before and then just get up the next morning and put your hair into a ponytail.

Braided bun


A braided bun gives the bun a new, fresh, and fun look. This would be a good style for a special event or whenever you wanted to have fun by trying a new twist on a bun.

To see more hair styles check out


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