DIY:Painting with Glue

Today’s DIY we are making sun-catchers out of glue and food coloring. You can either use it as a sun-catcher or as a decorative item for your personal space.


Items needed:

  • White Glue
  • Plastic Lids-Lids from tubs of yogurt, hummus, sour cream etc. work best, although metal lids also work
  • Food Color
  • Toothpick
  • Hole punch
  • String

Step 1: Pour some glue in the lid and then swirl it around until it has covered the inside of the lid completely.

Step 2: Put one or two drops of food coloring on the glue.


Step 3: Using your toothpick swirl the food coloring around to create your desired effect and then repeat with each color you want to use. Be careful and don’t combine colors too much as it could make your project look muddy and brown.



Step 4: Let everything dry. The colors will expand and continue to create an effect as they settle. The glue will take one to three days to completely dry depending on the amount of glue used. The edges of the glue will begin to peel from the lid once it is completely dry.

Step 5: Once you’re sure it’s dry, peel it off the lid. From here you can punch a hole in the and a string if you want to hang it up or you can leave it as is and use it as something else.

Note: Babble Dabble Do noted on their site that as long as it is hanging in a window the food coloring will begin to shrink as the glue hardens which will make it look differently over time (which could be pretty cool). After all, who do you know that has a sun-catcher that the design will change over time as it hangs in a sunny window?

All photos courtesy of Housing a Forest and Babble Dabble Do. You can learn more on



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