Cheap Costume Ideas

The fall season has arrived and that means Halloween is right around the corner. I have done some searching and found some cheap Halloween DIY costume ideas for $10.00 or less.

First up is a “Tacky Tourist” costume idea.  For this you just combine everything you probably try to avoid doing most of the time.  Don’t forget the fanny pack!

Costume 1

Next is another cheap option that would be good in a pinch if you needed something quick. For this costume just make the sign, add some string and bam done.

Costume 2

And finally for a more pun worthy costume and I do love a good pun, you just need a pig nose and ears and a blanket. You can even make them out of pink construction paper. Put those on; add a blanket and now you are a pig in a blanket. You could get a friend to do the same thing and be pigs in a blanket.

Costume 3

For some more suggestions check out



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