Many times throughout a year people set goals that they can work towards and achieve during that year. Also every year people quickly give up on those goals. Why is that? There are many reasons behind failing at the goals you set.

One reason might be that you didn’t set a goal that was actually achievable. Another reason might be that you didn’t know how to really get started on the goal so you stopped before getting started.

Have you thought about setting a goal or two you’d like to achieve? Have you already set one but you haven’t put much effort on achieving?

Here are a couple of tips to think about:

1.) Keeping it real. Choose a goal that you can reach. So, for example if you are failing a class and you want an A instead, what are the steps you’d take to raise your grade. Those steps could look like this:

first-attend class everyday

second-turn in assignments

third-ask for extra credit work

finally-don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2.) Break your bigger, ultimate goal into smaller achievable ones. From the previous example your ultimate goal would be to get an A in your class that you’re currently failing. Smaller goals that you can achieve in a shorter period of time will help you feel better and keep you motivated to achieve that ultimate goal you set. If we look at the previous example a smaller goal could be that by using the previous steps I will have brought my grade up from failing to a C. You now have a smaller, easier to obtain goal that you can work toward. Once you achieve that smaller goal you’re only another step away from achieving that A.


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