February Is Full Of Love!

feb blog picLove means different things to different people.

As a teenager starting to date you will hear lots of advice from peers, family, teachers and social media. Each brings a unique source of advice.

Throughout my life I too have received advice from all the above and in my opinion there are 7 universal qualities that are needed to have a long lasting loving relationship.

  1. Trust- Accepting another’s word and giving each other the benefit of doubt
  2. Accountability- Admit your mistakes and take responsibility for one’s behavior, attitudes and beliefs.
  3. Cooperation- Make decisions together, accept if a change occurs and a win-win solution to problems.
  4. Support- Support each other’s choices, be understanding, offer encouragement, listen to one another non-judgmentally and value each other’s opinions.
  5. Honesty- Communicate openly and truthfully.
  6. Safety- Respecting one’s physical space and expressing oneself non- violently.
  7. Respect- Respect your partner’s choices, values and beliefs.

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