Prom Tips!

Prom season is here! Just the other day I saw a creative invitation to Prom, a High Schooler used the Abbey’s reader board to ask his date! Hopefully she said “Yes!”promshopping521

A few tips I can offer you is:

Take lots of pictures, not only will your parents appreciate this, you will enjoy having them to look back on when you are older!

Comfortable shoes are a must if you are going to be dancing all night long!

Drink lots of water, when you are dancing and in a crowd it is easy to become dehydrated and you don’t want to risk not feeling well at your Prom!

Make sure you form a plan with your parents, letting them know when it starts and ends, who you are going with and what your plans are after.

If you bringing a clutch or small purse it may be helpful to put in a small emergency kit that includes safety pins, bobby pins, hair ties, band aids and a little extra money in it!

The main thing is to have fun! It is a night to celebrate with your friends and classmates!

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