Ways to stay ahead in school!


  1. Put in the time. Take your time while studying go over things that you don’t understand and be sure to ask questions so you better understand the material. If there is required reading do the reading and if you have any extra time read ahead.
  2. Use your resources. Look up extra material online. Read extra articles on your homework topic. Discuss homework with your peers. Use spell check, dictionaries and thesaurus when needed.
  3. Do your homework when it is assigned. Try and start it at school so you can ask questions and then you will also have more free time once you are out of school.
  4. Take detailed notes. These notes will be very helpful for reviewing later and using on future tests and projects. Try and keep them organized so they are easy to read and review.
  5. Be motivated. It is a lot easier to learn something when you want to vs. feeling like you are forced to learn it. Try and keep an open mind even when learning a subject you are not interested in. You never know when the knowledge will come in handy!
  6. Find out what teachers expect from you. All teachers are different and often grade differently, ask them what the requirements are for papers, projects and tests. If you can try and go above just what is required.
  7. Use time management skills. As important as it is to set aside time to do homework it is equally as important to set time to do things you enjoy such as hanging with friends, going to sporting events, volunteering or reading books at leisure.
  8. Always go to class. All classes are full of valuable information, you do not want to miss anything that is important for an upcoming test. It is often hard to gather all the information that is presented in a class.


Good luck and do your best! Make this the best year yet!

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