Acne May Not Be So Terrible After All

Vertical image of a girl moistening skin with cream

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As girls most of us have probably had to deal with acne and getting breakouts, especially at the worst possible time. According to newly released research, the people that suffer from acne age more slowly. This study was recently published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. So if you are  annoyed and frustrated with your skin, just remember that chances are pretty good based on research that you will age slowly. If you want more information about what was talked about within the new study, head over to to read the full article. Here’s a great suggestion on a daily routine to help you deal with acne and breakouts:


  1. Cleanse with a soap-free water soluble formula designed to be gentle yet cleanse thoroughly. Adding a soft washcloth or soft- bristled cleansing brush can help make sure all makeup, debris, and oil are removed.
  2. Exfoliate and help unclog pores with a leave-on, completely non-abrasive 2% salicylic acid product designed for acne-prone skin. The trick is to find one that doesn’t contain ingredients like alcohol and menthol.
  3. Apply a benzoyl peroxide treatment to all breakout-prone areas. Benzoyl peroxide is the gold standard acne-fighting ingredient and is brilliant when combined with soothing, exfoliating salicylic acid. Some products come in multiple strengths of benzoyl peroxide so start using the lowest strength first.
  4. Protect skin every day with an oil-free, lightweight, broad spectrum sunscreen. If you wear foundation, it may already contain sunscreen so you wouldn’t need to apply more.

The evening routine is the same as the morning routine, minus the sunscreen. Some of these products can be kind of drying to the skin so using a moisturizer after using these products would probably be good.

Football Season a.k.a Fall

The fall season is upon us and that means the leaves will be changing colors and falling off their branches, school has begun again, and football is back on television. Are you a die-hard football fan or maybe you just go to your school’s game to show your support? If you do either one or fall somewhere in between, today’s blog is for you.  Sometimes it’s nice to do your nails in school colors or just a football theme. Here are some nail art ideas with football in mind:


Paint one vertical line and three short horizontal ones to create the stitches.


Another idea would be to use your favorite team’s colors and draw the football on top. Don’t forget to let each side dry before polishing the other color. Also make sure everything is dry before adding the white as you don’t want the other colors to cause the white to smear.


Another great idea is to make the green on your nails to look like the turf the football players play on. Here’s a short tutorial to create this cool look:

Paint your nails green.  Dark green looks more like astroturf if you use it under the lighter green flocking.

Paint a second coat of green, and while your nails are still wet, sprinkle green flocking on your finger. You can buy it any craft store.

Tap your nail just like you would glitter after you stuck it down to glue, and you’re done with the grass part. (You will probably still have some left on your hands, but you can just wash it off.)

Paint your pointer finger dark brown.

Draw football stitches on it with white nail polish.


And finally, maybe you just want something simple like a football on your nails. In this picture you have the steps to turn your nails into cute footballs. Whatever you do, have fun!

Fun (and Healthy) Summer Recipes!

Summer break is here!! School is out, the weather is nice, fruits and veggies are ripe and fresh, and you have plenty of time on your hands! If you’re looking for fun summer activities, try making some of these simple and healthy (and colorful!) summer recipes. They taste great and look cool too! And they’re all perfect for hot summer days.

Frozen Banana Pops

A healthier and more fun alternative to eating ice cream in the summer is making and eating frozen banana pops! Bananas have good nutritional value (they contain potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and more), and they taste great too! Plus you can add a variety of healthy toppings.

Easy Summer Treats

-Bananas (each banana will make 2-3 pops, depending on size)
-Spread (yogurt, cream cheese, dark chocolate, Nutella, peanut butter, etc.)
-Toppings (chocolate chips, oats, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, sprinkles, crushed graham crackers, cookie crumbs, chopped dried fruit, etc.)
-Popsicle sticks, cookie sheet, parchment paper

1. Cover a cookie sheet with a layer of parchment paper
2. Peel bananas and cut them into halves or thirds (depending on size of banana and how big you want popsicle)
3. Carefully put one popsicle stick in each piece of banana
4. Dip bananas in desired spread (or use a knife to spread if spread is thick)
*Cream cheese must be extra soft to spread, so make sure it’s warm or room temperature. Add honey or cinnamon if you want more flavor.
*For good dipping chocolate, add one tablespoon coconut oil for every 3 ounces of chocolate and heat until melted.
5. Roll each banana in desired toppings (or use hands to put on more toppings)
6. Place on parchment paper and freeze for 2-4 hours
7. Serve or put in freezer bag for up to a week

Berry Lemonade Popsicles

I am a huge fan of anything frozen and fruity. These popsicles taste great and look cool too! Bonus: they’re super simple and easy to make!

Berry Lemonade Popsicles are perfect for summer with fresh strawberries and blueberries!

-Lemonade (can be from a mix, from a can, in a bottle, etc., and can be any flavor you want)
-Fresh or frozen berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.)
-Popsicle mold

1. Put sliced fruit in popsicle mold
2. Pour lemonade into mold until almost full
3. Place top on popsicle mold and insert popsicle sticks
4. Freeze overnight, then enjoy!

For other variations, try coconut water, iced tea or different juices. Or try cutting up other varieties of fruit!

Fresh Herb Flower Cucumber Bites

This is the perfect snack that can use veggies and herbs straight from the garden! The flower cucumber bites are perfect for tea parties, potlucks, or just mid-day snacks.

-1 tsp lemon juice
-1/2 tsp lemon zest
-2 tbsp chopped pecans (optional)
-2 tbsp mint, thinly sliced
-2 tsp chopped chives
-4 ounces softened cream cheese
-1/8 tsp salt
-1 seedless cucumber, medium sliced into 32 rounds
-3-4 medium radishes, sliced thinly into 32 rounds

1. Mix the first 7 ingredients together in a large bowl
2. Use a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut the cucumber slices into shapes (or try other designs!)
3. Assemble: place a radish slice on each cucumber slice and top with about ½ tsp of cheese mixture
4. Enjoy!

Rainbow Lemon Sparkling Water

Perhaps you’ve seen the awesome idea of putting food coloring in ice cubes. This is a variation that uses lemonade and sparkling water, making it taste even better and look even cooler!

Frozen kool-aid cubes and ginger ale. Cool rainbow drink

-Lemonade (can be from a mix, from a can, in a bottle, etc., and can be any flavor you want)
-Food coloring
-Sparkling water
-Ice cube trays

1. Put lemonade in ice cube trays
2. Add food coloring to each soon-to-be-ice cube
4. Freeze lemonade ice cubes
5. Put lemonade ice cubes in clear glass and add sparkling water
6. Enjoy!

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

If you like rainbow, fruit, and SIMPLE, you will love these! They’re as easy to make as they look, and fruit is always a healthy choice!

Looking for something a little more healthy? Try rainbow fruit skewers! Delicious and breathtaking.

-Strawberries, raspberries, or another red fruits
-Mandarin oranges, tangerines, or other orange fruits
-Pineapple or other yellow fruits
-Kiwis, green apples, green grapes, or other green fruits
-Blueberries or other blue fruits
-Purple grapes, blackberries, or other purple fruits
-Kabob skewers

1. Cut up fruits
2. Put fruits in rainbow order on kabobs
3. Enjoy!

For fun, try other color patterns. Or try sticking a bunch of kabobs in a whole watermelon—it will look great!

Avocado Corn Salsa

I am a huge fan of salsa, so I’m always looking for new recipes! This is a great one, especially for summer when veggies are fresh. Plus it’s super healthy—we all know veggies are good for you, beans are a great source of protein, and avocados provide almost 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins, and folic acid.

Avocado Corn Salsa Recipe

-1 cup corn (fresh or cooked)
-2 avocados
-1 small onion
-2 limes
-2 medium tomatoes
-1 1/2 cup black beans
-Garlic Salt

1. Cut/chop onion, tomatoes, and avocados (and remove fresh corn from cob if necessary)
2. Put into bowl and add other ingredients
3. Toss together
4. Refrigerate for a while (also gives time for flavors to mix together more)
5. Enjoy with any kind of chips!

Enjoy! Let me know which recipes are your favorite.


The 21 Day Challenge To Becoming a Better YOU

It takes 21 days to make something a habit, so for 21 days try these six tips to improve yourself. They will not only make you feel better, but make your days better.

#1- Don’t Complain

Why Complaining Is Holding You Back & How To Stop -> Examine, reflect and be aware. And stay positive.

On average, a person complains at least 30 times a day. How many times do you think you complain on a daily basis? Because I know I complain a lot, whether I am complaining about the rain, how cold it is, how slow people are driving, or even how much homework I have everyday. Complaining is negativity coming out of your mouth. Imagine if instead of saying negative things, you said positive things. Like how much you love the sound of rain, snuggling up in a blanket when its cold, or how relaxing driving slow is. Your attitude and outlook on the day would make a complete 360. So try it! Don’t make any complaints about the events of your day.

#2- Spread Kindness

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Be friendly to everyone around you. Compliment a stranger. You never know how someones day is going. Words of kindness could bless someone. Even a simple smile at someone passing by will not only make them feel warm, but make yourself feel good also! So for the next 10 days, make it a point to be kind to everyone you come in contact with.

#3- Avoid Procrastination

What Will You Do Today That Shapes Your Tomorrow? - Muscle & Fitness Hers

Procrastination is one of the biggest things I personally struggle with. Especially when it comes to homework; I refuse to do it until the night before. Procrastination brings a ton of stress on yourself. Make goals and follow through with them. Create a to-do list, give yourself a time to have things done by, and follow through with it. You will have so much free time to do activities that you actually want to do.

#4- Be Accepting

We are trained in this society to reject anything that we don not understand. Elevate your mind.

Not everyone you come across will have the same morals, standards, beliefs, and style of clothing as you. Everyone is different, therefore you should be accepting of all kinds of people. A girl has one shoes that you don’t like, oh well. Just because it is not your choice doesn’t mean its wrong. So accept all people, all situations, and all outcomes.

#5- Volunteer and Serve Others

Often the best way to see the needs of others is to stop looking at our own. -Kristen Welch

Serving others should be a big priority. It goes along with spreading kindness. When you do good things for others with a genuine servants heart, good things will come unto you. You don’t have to go to a shelter to serve, you can serve in your neighborhood, at your school, or you can even serve your family. For 10 days, find a way to bless others.

#6- Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone

Most the time people stay in their comfort zone because they are scared to try new things. But it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Do small things, like try food you’ve never had before, or do a new hairstyle. Take baby steps. Getting out of your comfort zone will make your life more exciting. You don’t have to live life on the edge, but lets try not to live life in a box.

Good luck! I hope that you not only try these things, but that you are consistent and it works for you. That you will feel more encouraged and more confident than ever. Here’s to a better you!

– Jasmine

And now I will do what’s best for me…

With the end of the semester approaching, stress is at an all time high. With all the school work and stress of grades, we seem to lose ourselves in the madness. But you have to remember, that you ARE ALWAYS a priority. No matter the day or time, you always need to make sure you have time for yourself. I have learned that through high school and college, time to yourself is just as fun and appealing as time with your friends. Nothing is more exciting than putting on a good movie and painting your nails, or mixing up some DIY face mask cream and reading a good book. Here are some tips for staying relaxed and beautiful during a time of distress.

“Your feet will take you where your heart is.”  Your feet are a very important part to your body. They bear all the weight of the day. So after a long hard day, sit down and soak your feet in this peppermint mix and rid all the ware and tear of the day.

DIY Peppermint Foot Soak | The Divine Miss Mommy


“Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag.” Your body is a reflection of your feeling. If you feel good, you will look better. Light a candle, play some calm music, and unwind in the bubbles and bath salts of this delightful bubble bath potion.

Treat Yo'self to This 5 Minute DIY Bubble Bath


“Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.”  The first thing people should see is your glowing skin and bright smile. Rejuvenate your skin after strenuous days with these different face masks for all types of skin.

Top 10 DIY Cucumber Beauty Remedies for Glowing Skin



Hopefully, all these tips will encourage you to sit down, take a break from the fast pace life, and take care of yourself. You are important, too!

– Jasmine

Healthy Dating

Dating someone can be lots of fun. They take you out, and you get butterflies in your stomach when you see them, and slowly but surely you start developing feelings for that special person. They have a way of making you smile and making you feel special. It’s a wonderful feeling to explore a romantic relationship with someone, as long as you check your safety first. Studies have shown that 1 in 10 youth are involved in an unhealthy relationship. Sometimes the person in an unhealthy relationship does not even notice. Do you know if you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship? There are signs to look out for and evaluate the relationship you’re in, or maybe a close friend is in a relationship and you’re not sure whether or not it’s a healthy one.


Signs of a healthy relationship:


– Both you and your partner feel respected, supported, and valued

When you are in a relationship you become close and comfortable with your partner over time. This, however, does not mean that you can disrespect or be disrespected. You want to be with someone who values you enough as a person to always treat you with respect whether things are good or bad.


– Both have friends and interests outside of the relationship

It can be easy to get sucked in to your relationship. You may want to be with your partner at every possible moment and you might think this is not a bad thing, but it is. It is important that you do not lose yourself in your relationship. You may be in a relationship, but that does not transform you into one individual. You are still two separate individuals with beautiful qualities and differences, and its those qualities and differences that you each fell for. Do not cut off your friendships or stop doing the things you love. It’s important to hold on to these things so that you do not lose who you are, and trust me, it’s okay to do things without one another. It will be fine, I promise.


– Disagreements are dealt with through open and honest communication

This goes back to being respected. Disagreements do not need to be settled violently or with raising voices. In any relationship there will be times that you may disagree, it’s inevitable, but how you handle it is up to you. The best way to settle disagreements is to listen and to be heard. We sometimes feel like we have to automatically become defensive when we feel that our point of view is being attacked. Instead, why not listen to your partner, ask questions to understand where they are coming from, and do not interrupt them. This does not mean that you have to agree with them, but it tells your partner, “I hear you”. Moving forward when both parties feel heard then becomes easier and there is a lot less hurt.


Signs of an unhealthy relationship:


– One person tries to change the other

There are instances where you try and change your partner for the better, and because you see their value and potential and encourage them to push into the amazing person they are, and that is great; but there is also a flip side to that. If one tries to change the other for their own selfish benefit, this is where it becomes a bad thing. It is not about them caring about who you are, but about what they want and what best fits them.


– One person makes most or all of the decisions

Relationships are about working together and discussing with one another about decisions that need to be made. If only one person in the relationship is the one who makes all the decisions, it is an unhealthy relationship. One person is not getting their voice heard. There should be equal power in a relationship where both parties are heard and taken into consideration.


– One or both people drop friends and interests outside of the relationship

Friendships are very important to hold onto. A relationship should be something that you want to share with your close friends and family, not something that pulls you away and sever the close relationships you already have. It is not healthy because it isolates you from those you love and cherish. It makes it so that you are dependent and feel like you only have your partner to rely on. If things were to not work out, you may feel alone. Interests are also another thing that you should not give up. Do not let go of the things that make you you.


– One or both people yell, threaten, hit, or throw things during arguments

No matter what the argument or how mad someone feels, violent outbursts are not the way to handle the situation. If either party is in any physical danger, it is a sign that it is an unhealthy relationship. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you are scared for your safety.


– One person makes fun of the other’s opinions or interests

Some jokes and poking fun are okay from time to time, but there is a limit. If one person feels like their opinions or interests are always made fun of or joked about, they may feel embarrassed to share in the future. This can then lead to them not feeling like they can be themselves or share with their partner without the fear of being put down, even if it is in a “joking manner.” Relationships are about supporting one another.


– No trust

If one or the other is constantly looking through the other’s phone calls, text messages, facebook, email, etc. because they do not trust their partner, it is a warning sign. There should be trust in a relationship, especially if neither has done anything to make the other not trust them.


These are a few of the signs of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.. Take them to heart and pay attention. Even if you are not in a relationship, it is important that you know the signs so that you are aware the day you do start getting into a relationship. Relationships are meant to be fun and a growing experience. So, make it a HEALTHY, fun and growing experience.



Put Down the Phone

Phones seem to be taking over our lives… I know that I, too, am guilty of this. We live in a day and age where cellphones seems to grab the majority of our attention. We constantly check our phones for text messages, Facebook notifications, instagram pictures, etc. We seem to invest more time in the lives that are behind our cell phone screen than the ones that are right in front of us.

It’s not that phones and social media are all bad, and that we should completely get rid of them. But it can definitely become a bad thing without the proper boundaries. We take pictures of our destinations before actually seeing where we are, and send a picture of our meal to our friends before even tasting it. There seems to be this need to put the electronic world first before our present  world.

I realized that when I was walking back home from work by myself, I could not just be present; I found myself taking out my phone and checking Facebook and Instagram while I walked to keep myself entertained. Gone are the days where we walk through town with our eyes up, looking around and taking in our surroundings and the people we pass along the street. Instead, our faces are turned down towards our screens answering the last text or checking up with whats new on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve also noticed that when I wake up I check my phone right away. How sad is that?

I have made it a point to recognizing those moments when my eyes are glued to my phone when it really was not necessary. When I walk home now, I put away my phone and actually enjoy my walk and look at what is around me. Every morning, I turn off my alarm and make it a point to wait at least 30 minutes before having any sort of interaction with my phone or laptop. I make myself some coffee, enjoy my breakfast without any distraction, have a conversation with my roommate, or simply take some time to myself by maybe reading a book I like. What I have noticed from these small changes is that I truly enjoy the moment that I am in. You only get to live each moment once. You may have similar experiences in life, but they will all be different in some way. Take the time to be aware of what is going on in your life now and put down the phone for just a moment. Take in your surroundings, savor the food you eat, and delight in the conversations you have with loved ones.

So, do not miss out on the great moments of your life. You only really go through things once. Put down the phone!


Fun Football Season MAKEUP!!!

Okay girls… it’s football season. I don’t know about you, but I like to dress up on game days, whether I’m going to the game or not. My husband and I are HUGE Duck fans, so I always get decked out in green and yellow… my nails, my makeup, my accessories, everything!!

I found a few examples of nail and makeup ideas you can try for game days. Obviously you can play with it a little bit and do your own thing, but I thought this would give you some inspiration.

And alright… even though I’m not a fan of the Beavers… I know some of you are, so I even included some orange and black….


Gorgeous Orange Makeup Tutorial

This looks pretty easy… a bit of orange with a smoky eye. Just brush some gray around that orange. That looks like a nice liquid liner, but of course you could use any type, as long as it’s black! Some hightlighting in the inner eye brings it all together and adds some sparkle.

Sunny Orange Makeup

This could work too… the yellow adds some contrast, even if it isn’t a Beaver color.

Right up my alley:)

These nails are super cute, and look way easy!! You can use a nail tool or a bobby pin for the dots, and play with the design! Be creative!!

Spiderwebs! Jack-O-Lanterns! 15 Spooky Nail Art Designs

This also looks way easy… again, just use a nail tool or a bobby pin to make the lines.

And now, for the better team…. 🙂


Many artists are using a bold yellow this Spring.  I am not sure that it is the right color for my skin tone.  This may be an option!

Okay. This is a bit crazy. I have been known to do my eyes like this for games. A combo of white, yellow, a couple shades of green, and black liner looks super cool for Duck fans. And, as you can see, adding a tiny bit of gold looks way cool too.

Spring Green by on @deviantART

This is not so intense looking, and a little easier to do. It looks like she used two shades of green, but it would still look great even if you only have one.

Football Toes! Too bad it's so COLD here (WA) during football season :(  LOL

This looks way easy, and you can do it for any team!! Just use a nail tool, bobby pin, or even a tooth pick to make the white lines.

Adventures In Acetone: My Mani For Celiac Awareness!

Super cute, with or without the sparkle!!

Game days are a fun excuse to have fun and dress up (in my opinion). I even made myself a green and yellow tutu for games. But that will be another blog post another time…. 🙂


DIY Hair Masks

I don’t know about you all, but my hair drives me crazy! I’ve managed to grow it pretty long, but it won’t grow past where it’s at now. It’s too dry, I have too many split ends. It’s too thin, I wish it were a little thicker. I wish there was something I could do to make it look healthier and fuller!

Luckily, there IS something you can do…

Lately I’ve become obsessed with DIY hair masks. Sure, I could try some professional products from the salon… But those are so expensive, and who knows what’s in it? So I prefer the cheap, natural way. You probably already have most of these ingredients in your kitchen. Who knew that they can do wonders for your hair???

Here are some good,easy recipes for hair masks that will help moisturize and thicken your hair:

  1. Castor oil: Castor oil is packed with vitamin E and other nutrients that will help with hair loss and stimulate growth. It’s also super moisturizing, so it’ll help with dryness and split ends. Since the oil is so greasy, it’s a good idea to dilute it by adding some water. You can either massage it into your scalp and leave on overnight once a week, or add a few drops to your conditioner and use a little everyday!
  2. Vinegar rinse: Vinegar will make your hair shinier, stronger, and less prone to breakage. It’s also really good for removing gross product build up. You can use any kind of vinegar… apple cider is the least smelly, but you could also use white or wine-based vinegars. Mix one part vinegar to two parts water, and use as a final rinse after you rinse out your shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Egg yolk and olive oil: This mixture contains tons of vitamins A, D, and E. All the protein and healthy fats will prevent hair loss, and thicken, soften, and strengthen your hair. Mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil, then dilute the mixture with half a cup of water. Let it sit in your hair for 15-20 minutes, then rinse out, whether you shampoo it out or just rinse with water.
  4. Banana: Bananas are a really rich source of potassium and vitamins A, E, and C. Just mash one banana into a paste, apply it to your hair, and cover it with a plastic cap. To lock in the nutrients, you can take the cap off after about 20 min and blow dry. Then shampoo, condition and rinse it out.
  5. Coconut oil and avocado: This combo adds luster to dry hair, and gets rid of flaking and dandruff. Heat about one tablespoon of coconut oil (on the stove, NOT the microwave… that’ll get rid of all the nutrients!), then put it in your hair from your roots to tips. Mash an avocado and smooth it over your hair, too. Let it set for 10-15 minutes then rinse. 
  6. Almond oil: Healthy fatty acids = soft and strong hair! Massage one tablespoon into your scalp and then rinse out.
  7. Egg, yogurt and mayo: This yummy (or…smelly) mixture promotes thickness, and is a good treatment for dry or damaged hair. You’ll need one egg, a quarter cup of plain yogurt, and a quarter cup of mayo. Beat the yoke first, then add the yogurt and mayo. Put a shower cap on, leave it for an hour then rinse.
  8. Coconut oil and lemon juice: This will get rid of dandruff and lighten your hair color. You need one part lemon juice and two parts oil. Massage into your scalp, and leave in overnight. 

For the record… coconut oil is also amazing by itself, too. The extra ingredients just make it even better.

You can use one of these hair masks about once a week… if you do them more often than that, your hair would probably get too greasy. Although you can totally switch them up from time to time, I would try to stay kind of consistent with which ones you use. For instance, instead of doing the banana one week, then almond oil the next week, then the coconut oil and lemon the next week… maybe do the banana for a few weeks in a row, then try the almond oil for a few weeks in a row. That way your hair will really get tons of the same nutrients, and you should start seeing the difference. 

I’ve already tried a couple of these, and I can honestly already see the difference in my hair. It feels smoother, softer, HEALTHIER… it’s not as ratty and dry looking. So, give it a shot… start taking care of your hair!!



Sweeeeet Strawberry Shortcake!!

So I found this super easy recipe, and felt like I just HAD to share it. When I used to hear the name, “Strawberry Shortcake,” the first thing that would come to mind was the word fancy. Strawberry shortcake is a fancy kind of dessert. Well, either that or a children’s television show. But when I saw this super easy, super simple, super wonderful recipe… I was thrilled.

Here’s all you need: A can of the regular refrigerated biscuits that you can pick up at practically any convenience store, some strawberries, white sugar, and whipped cream. THAT’S IT! You start by separating the biscuits and dipping them one at a time into sugar. Then, place them on a baking sheet and bake them according to the directions on the can. Once they’re ready, serve them warm topped with sliced strawberries (or whatever kind of berry you prefer) and whipped cream. Boom. You have yourself a delicious, EASY to make, refreshing summer snack. Maybe, just maybe… You could even fool people into thinking it’s a fancy dessert. Try it out!