Not everyone out there can be trusted. Surprised? Didn’t think so. However, girls need to be careful when they are job hunting, too.

Here are some things to look out for and run away from:

  • Never meet at your home or someone else’s home for a job interview. Always meet at the potential place of work (like an office) or in a public place (like a coffee shop).
  • Stay from jobs whose ads look really weird. For example (from Craigslist):“I am looking for an assistant.

    The Assistant will get payed 25% of all 5 of the company’s.

    I have 5 new start up company’s and 3 project’s I need help with.

    good money for the right person.

    paid weekly!!!!!!!

    The company’s are a management co, a security co, a agency, video production co.ETC.”

    So this person has no real money to pay you and talks like a caveman …yeah, stay away from these.

  • Never pay to apply for a job. Ever see the ads that say: “Work from home and make $500,000 this week! Send $99.99 for your informational booklet today!”People pay you to work for them; not the other way around.
  • Let someone know where you’ll be and the time you’ll arrive and expect to be done with an interview. If it helps you feel safer, have a friend or parent go with you and wait outside of the office or in another area of the coffee shop while the interview is being done.
  • Take a cell phone with you to the interview. Be polite and turn the ringer off, but leave the actual phone on.
  • Somethings are no one else’s business. Unless you have accepted a job with an employer, many times there’s no need to give personal information like bank account numbers, private information about your family and friends, etc. Some job applications ask for a social security number, which you can choose to fill out when you hand in an application or complete once you are hired.
  • Follow your gut. Does a job seem too good to be true? It probably is. Did the person you spoke to seem really creepy? They most likely are. It’s okay to politely tell a person you are no longer available for the position…and then begin your search again.

Good luck!


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