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Your photos could make you some extra cash

Teens can do more than yard work and babysit. With some creativity, there are a lot of possibilities.

Here are some ideas:

  • Start your own business. Seriously. There are a lot of teens that started their own business and made major bucks (read their stories).
  • Pet-sit and dog-walk. People that work all day and come home late often feel bad that they have to leave their dog at home by himself, and then feel worse when they are too tired to walk him in the evening. Walking dogs after school in the afternoon is the perfect way for you to earn some extra cash, exercise the dog, and give the pet owner some peace of mind. Dog-walking jobs can lead to future pet-sitting jobs when the owner goes on vacation…or pet-sitting can lead to a dog walking job. If a pet owner likes your services, they will often recommend your services to their friends.
  • Help others with their computer and Internet needs…and charge for your services.
  • Freelance as a graphic designer, website maker, flash animator, etc. There is always a need for a creative person who can do a quick job for a company’s website.
  • Cater. Love to bake or cook? Offer your skills to busy moms that don’t have time to do the cooking for a kid’s birthday party. Make muffins for a local business. People love to eat; take advantage of that.
  • Tutor. If you rock at reading or math, let the moms of elementary school children know you are available to help their kids rock these subjects too.Tutoring doesn’t have to be limited to young kids. If you know another language, you can tutor those who are wanting to learn and practice.
  • Work retail. Learn customer service skills and how to work a cash register. This is a great job for those who consider themselves to be a people-person.
  • Start with fast food. Love to cook and be around people? Working in the fast food industry can be your way in. Yes, it isn’t glamorous, but it’s a start that will give you the needed experience.
  • Tidy-up. Busy moms could always use help with simple house-hold chores and many are willing to pay for the help. If you know how to organize, wash dishes, and use a vacuum, you’re half-way to earning some bucks.
  • Wash and detail cars. Many people would rather not bother with cleaning their car, but do like it when others can do it for a good deal. Consider offering your services at their home or place of work–convenience is always appreciated.
  • Sell your art. Love to design, doodle, take pictures, paint or draw? Think about designing blank greeting cards to sell or other sites. Many online sites allow you to put an image on card, shirt, bag, etc. The people that run the site will sell your work and you  keep the profits. Or you can go it solo: take your work to a copy shop and let them know about your idea. They can help shrink the image, if needed, with a high-quality photo copy, print the cards, and even cut and fold them.
  • Deliver newspapers. Despite all the news that’s accessible online, people still read hard copies of the paper. Talk to your local paper to see if there are any routes available for you.
  • Be an extra in a movie! University students studying the film industry, small productions, and even big productions always need extras. Check out the “Talent” section in to see what’s available in your area. Keep in mind that you may not get paid if the films are low-budget, but the experience can lead to paying jobs in the film industry.
  • Be a star at summer camp. You may not realize it when you are a kid, but camp counselors are usually teenagers. If you loved camp and working with children, this could be the perfect job for you.
  • Amusement parks and fairs. Parks and fairs often hire young people to sell food, take tickets, and provide maintenance services.
  • Office jobs. Small offices sometimes get overwhelmed with small, easy tasks they don’t necessarily have the time to do. If you know a small business owner, see if they need a person to help them file, copy, and fax papers for an hour or so in the afternoons. A small job like this can lead to summer work or even a full-time job in the future.
FRG, Feb. 2010

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