Where to Look

It’s hard to find a job these days, especially for teens. Here are some ideas to help you enhance your search:

  • Ask people you know. A lot of jobs are never advertised in the newspaper so let your friends, parents of friends, family member, former bosses and coworkers, people at school, those at your religious organization, etc. that you are looking for a job. Word of mouth does wonders.
  • Visit the school career center. This office, which also may be your counseling office, is a valuable resource for young people. Many organizations specifically looking for teen workers will let schools know, so give the school career center a chance.
  • Target specific employers. If there is a job you’d love to do or place you’d like to work at, find out who the hiring manager is, contact them directly, or fill out an application. This information is often found on a company’s website or in a business directory at the local library. Even if a company isn’t hiring, still let them know about your interest because they may look for you in the future or may be able to let you know about a similar company that is hiring.
  • Look in classified ads. Local newspapers will list jobs available in your area. This section is often called “Help Wanted”. If you see a job that interests you, follow up on it quickly. Look in this section on a daily basis or whenever the newspaper is published. Keep track of whom you have contacted and when so you can remember where you applied and with whom to follow-up.
  • Go online. The Internet can help you in your job search tremendously. You look at newspaper classified ads online, search job sites, and network. Here are some sites that offer jobs to teens:
  • Check out the local employment office. Stopping by the employment office, or checking them out online, can reveal some good leads for jobs in your area. They can also offer services that will match your skills to an employer’s needs.
  • Be an intern. An internship may or may not pay money for your work, but many of these types of opportunities often lead to full or part-time jobs.
  • Try a temp. agency. A temp. (short for “temporary”) service is a hiring agency that will place you with employers that need work. Often, these jobs are short-term gigs and the hiring agency then places you with another company when your job is done. Some of the employers that use temp. services end up hiring the person from the agency. You may need to be 18-years-old to use a temp. agency.

The most important thing to remember when looking for a job is persistence; it’s hard work to find a job. You may need to turn in dozens of applications before you get called in for an interview. This doesn’t mean employers don’t want to hire you, it just means there’s a lot of competition. Persistence and determination: the keys to getting cash in your pocket.

FRG, Feb. 2010

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