Morning Blemishes

As a teen girl, lots of oils and grease tend to accumulate through out the day, especially with makeup. Sooner or later, when we least expect it you’re brushing your teeth one morning and your worst nightmare comes true –  the most disgusting zit ever in right in the middle of your forehead! But there is no need to worry. It happens to the best of us. Do not give up hope for a smooth, acne free face just yet. A 5 minute cleansing every night will turn those frequent morning blemishes into a thing of the past:
  • Start off by putting your hair into a pony tail so that you aren’t distracted with any annoying hair falling into your face.
  • Next, splash your face with warm water and make sure to to get all the way to the edges of your face.
  • Wipe completely off with a dry rag making certain that you get all the foundation and blush.
  • Sometimes mascara doesn’t want to come off right away so you may have to do the “splashing technique” one more time.
  • Another possibility for eye makeup is to use a dry cotton swab (or Q-Tip) and and, carefully, move along eyelid and eye lashes.
  • With all the make-up gone, you can now head off to bed. If you’re feeling really motivated, you can use a nighttime, oil-free, cream that can be purchased at any local grocery store.
Helpful note:
Try this same “splashing technique” to wash away any greasiness that may have  accumulated overnight. Then when you put on your make-up you won’t be locking any of those oils into your skin.
-Ariel M Huffman
Feb. 2010

Creative Commons License

Morning Blemishes by Ariel Huffman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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