Social Media: Are You Doing it Safely?

Internet Meme

All of us are probably guilty of spending more time than we care to admit on social media sites. Have you ever gone to Pinterest to look up one thing and two hours later you’re watching a video of dancing penguins? No, just me?   In this day and age social media is huge and we spend a lot of time on it, posting pictures, and sharing many aspects of our life with others.  With all of this time spent on social media, do you ever take a minute to think about safety while using these sites? Here are some safety tips to consider while navigating social media:

1) Lock down your profile on your social media sites and don’t friend people you don’t know. If all of your personal information is available for anyone to see then they can locate you as you’ve revealed many things about yourself including the town you live in, where you work, or where you go to school.

2) Keep personal information about yourself private. If you reveal your info, someone that shouldn’t might be able to find you.

3) If you don’t personally know the person you’re chatting with don’t agree to meet them alone somewhere.

4) Be cautious in how you use check-ins on social media.  If you use the check-in feature on some social media sites then someone will also know your exact location at that moment. Do you want a random stranger to know exactly where you are at any given moment?

You can stay safer by keeping  your friends list to only friends you actually know, lock down your profile so only those friends can see what you’re doing and keep your personal information private.

Be Who You Are


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As girls it can be difficult to feel positive about how we look or what we do when we see celebrities, and others portrayed in the media with seemingly flawless bodies.  When we spend all of our time trying to be perfect, it can have a negative effect on how we feel about ourselves.  Theodore Roosevelt once said that “comparison is the thief of joy” and when we talk about how we feel about ourselves this is definitely true. If you are always comparing yourself to others or to models and celebrities, will you ever be okay with your own body? Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

1) Create a list of positive things your body does for you; if your body got you to and from school today then put that on your list. Each time you start to feel down or negative about your body add something positive about your body to the list instead.

2) When you look at yourself in the mirror, don’t focus on body parts or flaws you think you have. See yourself as the whole person you are. If you start to think about all the things you hate about yourself as you look, say something positive instead. Is there a positive quote you love? Repeat it out loud when you start feeling negative.

And finally, love yourself just the way you are. You are still growing and developing which means that thing about your body that you hate right now, you may grow out of that or even grow to love it.

Perfect 1

Making Time for Yourself


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Everyone, even adults get stressed in their lives. Maybe there’s a lot going on at a job, maybe finals are coming up, or there’s something else going on at home. During these times of high stress it’s good to think about self-care. Self-care is when you take time to do something for yourself that you enjoy doing and that can make you feel better afterwards. There are some basic things you can do that will help with stress such as making sure you get enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthy.

Taking that time for yourself to unwind and destress is important not just for your mental health but also for your physical health too.  Self-care doesn’t have to cost money either. Here are some ideas for self-care that don’t cost a penny:

  • Playing a video game that you love
  • Journaling
  • Drawing or other art activity
  • Taking a walk or doing something else outside
  • Listening to music
  • Reading a book
  • Bubble bath

Find something you enjoy and spend some time to take care of yourself! Here at YO we have many different activities & clubs you can try out. During Spring Break you can come to YO for our girls’ night and make a unicorn sugar scrub.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Vertical image of a girl moistening skin with cream

With winter officially here December  21st, you might be noticing some issues with your skin such as redness, itchiness and other issues with the weather getting colder. Here are some tips to help combat some of our winter skin issues:

Drink plenty of water.

Drinking plenty of water can help skin stay more hydrated as we go through the winter months.

Wear your sunscreen.

Wearing sunscreen in the winter is just as important as wearing sunscreen in the summer.


Try to use lotions that are more of a cream as a cream lotion will sometimes work better if your skin is really dry. With that said, just use whatever lotion you own and reapply to help keep your skin hydrated.

Cheap Costume Ideas

The fall season has arrived and that means Halloween is right around the corner. I have done some searching and found some cheap Halloween DIY costume ideas for $10.00 or less.

First up is a “Tacky Tourist” costume idea.  For this you just combine everything you probably try to avoid doing most of the time.  Don’t forget the fanny pack!

Costume 1

Next is another cheap option that would be good in a pinch if you needed something quick. For this costume just make the sign, add some string and bam done.

Costume 2

And finally for a more pun worthy costume and I do love a good pun, you just need a pig nose and ears and a blanket. You can even make them out of pink construction paper. Put those on; add a blanket and now you are a pig in a blanket. You could get a friend to do the same thing and be pigs in a blanket.

Costume 3

For some more suggestions check out



Back to School

School 1

With school back in session or about to be, this is a good opportunity to start school in a positive way that will lead to success.  Here are several tips from the Princeton Review to check out and hopefully this will help you be ready to rock the new school year!


Track more than HW in your school planner.

Keeping a calendar helps you plan ahead—but you’ve got more going on than just homework assignments! Make sure you’re marking your extracurricular, work, and social commitments, too. (Tests, band practice, away games, SAT dates, half-days and holidays are just a few examples of reminders for your planner.)

Start small.

If you’ve got a big assignment looming, like a research paper, stay motivated by completing a piece of the project every few days. Write one paragraph each night. Or, do 5 algebra problems from your problem set at a time, and then take a break.


Get real.

When you’re looking at the homework you have to get done tonight, be realistic about how long things actually take. Gauging that reading a history chapter will take an hour and writing a response will take another 30 minutes will help you plan how you spend your time.


Don’t let a bad grade keep you down.

A rough start to the semester doesn’t have to sink your GPA. Take proactive steps by checking your grades regularly online and getting a tutor if you need one.

For more tips read the full article here:


DIY Eclipse Viewer

With a solar eclipse coming up, we thought it would be fun to share a cheap and easy DIY for you to see the eclipse without damaging your eyes.

Materials needed:

2 pieces of white card stock paper

Aluminum foil


Pin or paper clip




1. Cut a square hole

Cut a square hole into the middle of one of your pieces of card stock.


2. Tape foil over the hole

Tape a piece of aluminum foil over the hole.


3. Poke a hole in the foil

Use your pin or paper clip to poke a small hole in the aluminum foil.


4. Try it out

Place your second piece of card stock on the ground and hold the piece with aluminum foil above it (foil facing up). Stand with the sun behind you and view the projected image on the card stock below! The farther away you hold your camera, the bigger your projected image will be.

To make your projection a bit more defined, try putting the bottom piece of card stock in a shadowed area while you hold the other piece in the sunlight.

For more info you can check out NASA’s site:


DIY Slushie

Several months ago as we were heading into spring a blog was posted about making your own slushie. With summer being in full swing that means it is probably hot outside and you’re looking for ways to stay cool. With that being said we thought it would be cool (pun intended), to bring back our blog about this treat to keep you cool as we go through the rest of summer.

All you need is a freezer and a bottle of soda to complete this super fun treat, plus it’s cheap! Any kind of soda works but it has to be the 16 oz. bottle. The first step is to shake it as hard as you can. You want it to look like the picture below, but don’t decide to open the bottle.

Coke 1

Next, put the soda bottle into the freezer for about 3 hours. The longer the soda is in the freezer, the better it will freeze. Be warned; do not leave it in the freezer for more than 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Coke 2

Here comes the tricky part. After taking the bottle out of the freezer, untwist the cap for about three seconds then quickly close it again. Then, flip the bottle quickly upside down. This causes the soda to instantly freeze.

Coke 3

Coke 4

To finish off your cold, slushie treat, just poor it out into a cup or a bowl and enjoy!

Water Balloon Flip Flops

So the summer is going strong here in the Pacific Northwest. Everyone has put up the boots and brought out their flip flops. Today I’m showing you how to quickly add some decoration to your flip flops to give them a new look. The good thing about these is that when you get tired of this look, take them off and you have your normal flip flops again. All you need to do this is a pair of flip flops and some water balloons.

Flip flops

Each water balloon needs to be double-knotted so it won’t come undone. After you tie a couple balloons make sure to squish them down to the end to give the flip flops the fluffy look.

Flip flops 2

For more information check out:



Summer Skincare

Living in the Pacific Northwest we do not see warm, sunny weather all that often until summer. This time of the year we enjoy spending time outside doing many different activities. While we are outside soaking up all of the sunshine we also need to think about protecting our skin. One of the best ways to protect ourselves is to use sunscreen.

According to the Cleveland Clinic the immediate danger of too much sun is sunburn. If you looked at sunburned skin under a strong microscope, you would see that the cells and blood vessels have been damaged. With repeated sun damage, the skin starts to look dry, wrinkled, discolored, and leathery. Although the skin appears to be thicker, it actually has been weakened and, as a result, it will bruise more easily. However, the sun’s most serious threat is that it is the major cause of skin cancer, which is now the most common of all cancers. Doctors believe that most skin cancers can be avoided by preventing sun damage. The following picture shows someone under normal light on the left, and ultraviolet light on right to show sun damage.

Sun Damage

There are many different brands of sunscreen which can be overwhelming to pick one if you don’t know which one you need.  All sunscreens have an SPF (sun protection factor) number so the higher the SPF number, the greater the amount of protection. To fully protect your skin from sun damage, everyone should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.


So when you get older if you don’t want to look older than you are or possibly deal with skin cancer, wear sunscreen. Here are some tips from the Cleveland Clinic on correctly applying sunscreen:

  • Apply the sunscreen at least 20 to 30 minutes before you go outdoors, whenever you will be exposed for 30 minutes or more.
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours while you are outdoors, even if the product is labeled “all-day.” If you get wet or perspire heavily, reapply sunscreen more frequently.
  • Cover all exposed areas, including your ears, lips, face and back of your hands.
  • Don’t skimp; apply a generous layer. Smooth it on rather than rub it in.
  • Women should apply sunscreen under makeup. If you wait to apply sunscreen until you hit the beach, you may already be perspiring, and moisture makes sunscreens less effective.