Organize your new year!!

Sometimes the best way to start a new year is to start clean and organized. Now that school has started and the rush of the holidays has settled down, I’m finding myself digging for ways organize all the clutter that I seem to have laying around everywhere. My desk is the worst place, with all those pencils and pens rolling around. But after debating on how to solve this problem, I found this.


This super simple DIY storage idea is super cute and will easily clean up cluttered areas. And an added bonus, you are saving the environment because you are recycling! You can use them anywhere you want or need. Some ideas are your desk, on a shelf, or by your bed.

All you have to do is cover old cans with decorative paper or fabric using glue or double sided tape. These cans could be soup cans (make sure you clean them out!!) or paint cans. The ones pictured are quart size paint cans. If you want, you can use different size cans for storing larger items. To stack them, glue the cans together, and as soon as they dry, they are ready to use!



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