Social Media: Are You Doing it Safely?

Internet Meme

All of us are probably guilty of spending more time than we care to admit on social media sites. Have you ever gone to Pinterest to look up one thing and two hours later you’re watching a video of dancing penguins? No, just me?   In this day and age social media is huge and we spend a lot of time on it, posting pictures, and sharing many aspects of our life with others.  With all of this time spent on social media, do you ever take a minute to think about safety while using these sites? Here are some safety tips to consider while navigating social media:

1) Lock down your profile on your social media sites and don’t friend people you don’t know. If all of your personal information is available for anyone to see then they can locate you as you’ve revealed many things about yourself including the town you live in, where you work, or where you go to school.

2) Keep personal information about yourself private. If you reveal your info, someone that shouldn’t might be able to find you.

3) If you don’t personally know the person you’re chatting with don’t agree to meet them alone somewhere.

4) Be cautious in how you use check-ins on social media.  If you use the check-in feature on some social media sites then someone will also know your exact location at that moment. Do you want a random stranger to know exactly where you are at any given moment?

You can stay safer by keeping  your friends list to only friends you actually know, lock down your profile so only those friends can see what you’re doing and keep your personal information private.

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